The Hockey Boys

“Dude did you just see my dangle out there on that bender?” To someone outside of the hockey community these words sound like someone had a few too many at the bars. However, to the hockey community these words make perfect sense. Different groups seem to have different meanings to words. They all have their slang words, and their meanings to common words such and dangle or bender. I have been a part of the hockey community since I was three years old. I know most, if not all of the slang words that us hockey guys use. To many people, even parents, we probably sound like idiots; however, we actually just have our own language

            Common hockey words include biscuit, tendy, twig, siv, top shelf, bender, dangle, scrap, garbage, etc. Even penalties can be considered to be hockey language. For example, spearing, interference, delay of game, etc. all of these worlds have different meanings than in a normal life situation. Ten years ago these, I don’t recall ever using some of the slang words, but it seems that as hockey advances more words come up. You can pretty much say that our English language, because we don’t use words such as thou or thy anymore.

            Most of the hockey slang words have obvious meanings. For example a twig is a hockey stick. Because hockey sticks used to be made out of wood, we call them twigs. We often use twig when we ask “Hey bud is that a new twig?” Others are more difficult to define; like bender. A bender is a player who basically is bad, or can’t skate. It originates from when people begin to skate, their ankles tend to bend in. We often use bender when we are trying to talk smack out on the ice by saying “You better tape up those ankles you bender! I was skating all over you!”  A biscuit is a hockey puck. From the bench, we often tell our teammates to “Shoot the biscuit!” Tendy and siv refer to the goalies. A tendy is a goalie, while a siv is a goalie that lets a lot of goals in. Tendy comes from the word goaltender, which is the official name for a goalie.  Someone who uses these words may say, “That tendy is a siv. Everything is going in.” Probably the most common of all hockey words is dangle. It seems like in today’s era of hockey, more players are doings more moves. When a player pulls of a sweet move or juke with the puck, it is called a dangle. This word comes from when someone dangles something out in front of you, then quickly pulls it back; however, in hockey you make the defender think he will take the puck from you, then quickly move the other way.

            As hockey continues to evolve, more and more words will arise. In return, some words will be discarded. Every group has their own “secret” language. The hockey language is unique because of the fact that for each word there is a root to it.

No pain No game

Today we are use to see things, and the only thing we see is the final result and forget about the effort that is putted back it. It doesn’t matter what we are talking about, if it’s a television show, a movie, sports, theater, dance… we are used to see a performance and most of people aren’t able to see the effort that people putted on it. For instance soccer is a sport that haven’t really reached the heart of Americans completely. I come from Spain, probably the best soccer nation today. Since I was a little kid I loved kicking the ball around everywhere I went. At the age of 7 I started playing for a club. I was doing that for fun but soon I realized something, I had more fun when I won. There’s only a way to win, being better than your opponent. That is something you learn when you are a little kid, you learn about it, you learn to want it and you learn how to get it. Since that age, I have been working hard everyday. I learned something. The conditions don’t matter. It doesn’t matter if it snows, it doesn’t matter if you have a headache, and it doesn’t matter if you have no one to kick the ball with. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you took that little extra that separates the good from the best.


Historically, in order for a person to know your thoughts and be able to interact with you about a certain subject, one would have to write a letter, call on the phone, have a face to face conversation, or maybe email from one person to another. If you wanted the world at large to know your thoughts you might have to go so far as to write a book or get yourself on some nationally televised show, write a song or something. However, none of these forms of communication would allow you to instantly know how people felt about your thoughts and viewed your line of thinking. In today’s technology driven society, however, blogs have allowed for people to view each other’s thoughts instantly and be able to give feedback on whatever you are thinking within moments.  Not only can you give feedback on the author’s thoughts but you can also give feedback to other thinkers (commenter’s) as well. Through blogs one can read the minds of people on subjects ranging from politics, to fashion, to sports, and even people’s personal lives. Topics are plenty and people have plenty to say about anything and everything! Continue reading

Reflection of English 104

English 104 is a class, which I know was going to challenge me this semester. Yes, it’s a class that challenges me a lot difference ways. Many type of genres of writing styles, which I have put all my effect doing the work. I should have put myself even more. I have improvement my English as academic level, but I still got put a lot more effort. I have to done a lot of revise my paper, which I feel really help me out. One paper that gives me problem was my article 1 ” language”, because it was assignment which I didn’t do my great effect. I didn’t do well because my grammar wasn’t good. Grammar is my big challenge, but I have to still work on. Continue reading

Late Night Ride

Late Night Ride

Just last week my friends and I called Late Night Ride to pick use up from a party. Because we didn’t have a ride back to the dorms and it was getting later and later, I called Late Night. I didn’t get thought until 10 or 20 minutes later. Then a woman picked up and said Late Night is on the way. Now picture this: we’re at some man’s house waiting, and when I look at the time on my phone it said about 5 o’clock am. We called again and ask the same woman form late night and she keep saying the something they on the way. So we ended up getting a ride from somebody from the party we didn’t know. Late Night never came to get us.

Late Night Ride is a service for NIU students to get free rides from anywhere within DeKalb with no question asked. It runs daily from 4p.m to 7a.m.This service is provided by the Department of Public Safety. The men and women who drive the vans are from the security Guard Division.

My problem with Late Night Ride is that you can’t really depend on them to come on time or even just come get you. The phone is always busy, and they take forever to pick up the phone. If you have a scheduled time, they never come at a specific time. Lastly some people answer the phone with a nasty attitude.

I did my research, and I asked student who attend this school about what they think about Late Night Ride. Most of all the students said the same thing about Late Night: they don’t like the speed of services. I asked the students why does this problem exist and how we can fix this problem. Most of the student said Late Night Ride has this problem because there is only one phone, so it always takes them 20 minutes to pick up the phone. I had also asked the man who worked for Light Night Ride the same questions. When I heard what he said my mind somewhat changed about Late Night. He told me that there is more than one phone but there is only one person to answer the phones, that’s why it takes so long for people to pick up the phone calls. I asked him why does it take so long for Late Night to pick people up? He said it matters where all the vans are at the time the base calls them for the pick-up. I asked him are they understaffed. He told me he doesn’t think so it just students need to have patience and wait and the ride will come. He said if students just used Late Night for real reason and stop miss using the serves Late Night will be a lot faster. I asked him was  money a problem. He said no he likes the money. I also asked him does he think more people should get hired? He said no he thinks that Late Night does their job good. He said most students misusing Late Night. He said Late Night is used for students who are in danger, drunk, or just in bad situation. But students use Late Night to get to parties and go places where they simply can walk to in day light. To me the cause of the problems is that students and Late Night only have one person picking up the phone.

My solution to Late Night is I think that they should hire NIU students and let them answer the phone, and Late Night doesn’t have to pay out of pocket. Students would be using  work study as compensation. I think this would help Late Night out so much because they don’t have to pay more money. So Late Night would save more money because they don’t have to hire more people pot of their own budget. For Late Night, it would be like the students are working for free.

I was reading the northern star when I read up on Late Night Ride, some of the things they were talking about went with the information I stayed. At Northern Illinois University we think Late Night Ride is a bad service but compared to other colleges, we have the best services around Illinois. Northern doesn’t ask for: Univ ID, Non student fee, fixed route, Travel area limited, No intoxicated riders, etc. Northern is the only college that will take students as, far as Elburn, and Elburn is 45 minutes away.  NIU is only trying to look out for the students because the busses don’t run on Saturdays and student want have a ride back to camps. NIU is the only colleges that go’s far because UIC won’t even go 8 miles to Oak Park to get student because it’s too far from the school. NIU is open for 112 hours per week and Western Illinois is open for 14 hours per week. If you just look over the services NIU’s Late Night Ride is the best

Same Story, Alternate View

Caught my eye with only a glimpse I’m drawn in so easily

With all the colors and the exciting great pics

I click on what excites me


It’s so much to do and to see I easily get distracted

I struggle through and find my way, yet

It’s too much already


I think to myself, why is this blog so amusing?

And I’m only pulled in by the graphics

There’s got to be more to this


I spoke to fast and there it was, there was actually too much going on

I exit out fast and dash back to my home

And now I’m very content here

I tried to explore other options

And now I see that other blog sites are not for me

Our blog site suits me just fine ;)

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Revealing the Secrets

My research topic is about fast food and college students. Food, of course is very common in our culture and can be shared and made very differently depending on where you’re from yet people have different reactions when eating it. The people who seem to have the most reactions to food are college students. Have you ever heard of the freshmen 15? This is usually the amount a new college student gains in weight when entering college because for some reason food affects college students a great deal. Why do college students gain weight all of a sudden? What’s different now that’s not the same before? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Let’s try and get to the bottom of this.

Continue reading

The Beginning

Saying goodbye bye is never easy
Because you looking back and miss all you’ve done
Starting over is just a beginning
But realizing what’s gone, is never really easy
Meeting new people and learning there ways
Makes you wish you could just start a new day
Lessons learned and a curriculum too
Makes you wonder if you’ll get through
Get through the obstacles that you faced already
And the new ones to come and the burdens they carry
Unfortunately it’s true our time has come to an end
Yet it’s not the end but only the beginning

Being in this English 104 course I learned an abundant amount of information that opened my eyes to see writing in a different light and I learned a lot from it as well especially writing to appeal to your audience because I received a lot of feedback which also helped me in excelling in writing which was a very good experience for me.

What’s on My Mind – finale

It is actually quite unusual to think about having a “free write” assignment, and often times they are used as methods of revealing oneself.  This sort of activity works well when getting to know someone, but for someone like me, they frequently are some of the most difficult tasks.  This is an opportunity for one to express any feeling or thought stewing in their mind, and for readers to attempt to break down the brain of the writer.  There is a whirlwind of reflection and ideas buzzing around in my head, but which one will interest the reader?  Which thought is worth putting into ink?  Or what might be intelligent and get the grade?

            For any piece of writing that is worth reading, there has to be a purpose or a goal from the writer.  Often times I feel that I do not live up to the standard set for me by others, and I am letting people down, especially loved ones.  I was raised to be a champion in everything I do, but lately I fail more than I succeed.  The question is: Does this define my success? Or lack of success.  There are multiple definitions and explanations for success, but who knows which definition is really accurate.  Some say winning defines success, others say getting a good grade, others say money, and some other people might say finding joy is success.  The point is, that there are many opinions when it comes to who is truly successful and what it means to have success.

            I believe that everybody has to find their own meaning to success.  They have to personalize a definition, and maybe after some time passes, they will tweak their explanation to better fit their goals.  With myself, success was always pleasing others, and making the people around me pleased with my accomplishments.  Winning a state championship that I promised my parents in high school was success, because I fulfilled the promise and they were happy with my feat.  Earning a scholarship at a division one college was considered successful to me because my parents, siblings, coaches, and teammates wanted it for me.  They were all satisfied with my scholarship, which meant success for me.  Now, I realized that none of those things were really for myself, and I never really felt successful from those triumphs.  Therefore, I had to find my own definition to live by, so that I can strive for personal success each and every day.

            With an accumulation of what I had learned from people telling me how to be successful, I modified my own personal way to set and achieve goals.  Success comes from the chance when preparedness and opportunity meet, so I must always be prepared for an opportunity.  Success is not pleasing other people or an accumulation of awards and accomplishments, but it is finding a level of peace and satisfaction, knowing I did everything I could and gave 100 % effort in the task at hand.  When I find inner peace and know that I gave it all I had to give, whether I achieved the goal I personally set for myself or not, I know that I succeeded.  I no longer worry about other people’s aspirations for me, but try to be prepared to achieve my own.

Too Far with Technology

On the Caravanserai webpage I found myself browsing for a few minutes, just scrolling up and down the page looking to read other college level students express themselves.  Before long I looked at the clock and found forty – five minutes quickly lost, due to the interesting pieces of information and opinions plastered all over the cite.

            One area that particularly drew me in was the post of the robot youtube video which received many comments.  I wanted to pull away from reading all the comments and posts this video caused but I truly was not able to stop reading.  Every single conversation between cleverbot and my fellow student classmates, which was left as a comment, was read by me.  Each one caught my curiosity, with our classmates taking stabs and coming up with witty responses for the AI system, and with the cleverbot creating no sensible replies to frustrate the real humans talking to it.  The whole situation constructed through this interactive system was quite amusing and entertaining.  On a few instances, I found myself literally laughing out loud, but that was just one interesting piece that caught my eye.

            Another fixation from the website that really forced me to start thinking is how we can have a completely technology based curriculum in a college setting.  Personally, I am not fond of the idea altogether, but assignments are addressed and posted through a website and there is little human interaction at all.  The robotic system talking to us students is too farfetched to think about, while being at a university practically taking an entire course online, but still being required to attend a classroom setting.


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