Well most of the blogs I have looked at were on word press. I like word press
because you can find whatever you’re looking for. You just have to do some
looking the tags
on the side of the page is a big help because, the tags tell you what to do and
how to name your papers. When you first look at word press the site has a nice
big picture at the top of the screen that grabs your eye. Just looking at the
home page I want to sign up for word press. I know it was a good site for blogs
because the site shows you different types of blogs you can read about. But not
only did the site shows you all the blogs it was different writer you can read
about. So the site has a lot of ethos. Because the site shows everything it has
to offer you.

What I like about word press the most, is the help page because it shows you what you are
getting yourself into. The home page has journals, reading, messages in
bottles, and other blogs on it. Journals go with the readings fist, you have to
read one of the little story then at the end of every story theirs a journal. The
journals are to see how you understand what the readings are about. The journals
aren’t that hard if you read the story’s all the way thought, it’s just some
questions from the story that the writer wanted you to see. I like the message
in a bottle because you need the code to open the bottle up like message you
cant see until you open the bottle like that. The message in the bottle is for
your class only just like if your teacher had something for the class that was
due it would be in the message bottle. Because word press is a open site were
one can read your blogs or post. The site still has place where only you and
your class can see I think that good to know. Not only can you do all that
stuff but u all so have different little things you can do on the side of the
page to help you with your blogs. The site has a lot of different things you
can do on it but the only think, I don’t like about word press is at first I didn’t
know how to do anything I was lost until I got help and learned how to us
everything. I thing I had the biggest trouble with was how to get to the blogs
and how to tag them rite. But now that I have got the hug of it, its no big
dill to me now. I think when you first get on the site go around and see what
everything is just play around it lost and find yourself learning how to work
the site to help you

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