Self is another way of saying there is only one of you.  Do I agree with this definition? Yes I do, because I believe self say’s we (people) are a whole, but self doesn’t make us a whole. It doesn’t make us (are self) our characteristic and choices make us a whole. Make us into our own unique individual.  What makes me my “Self” is my characteristic: I am loveable, out-going, smart, love chocolate, love to eat when bored, and so many more things. But these things are the things that make me who I am. Everyone has different characteristic and choices they make. I know there is only one of me because everyone different. For instance, performer Eve Ensler’s, speech “My body” gives great examples of herself. How she is able to connect HERSELF to objects and thin

For a long time, there was me and my body. Me was composed of stories, of cravings, of strivings, of desires of the future. Me was trying not to be an outcome of my violent past, but the separation that had already occurred between me and my body was a pretty significant outcome. Me was always trying to become something, somebody. Me only existed in trying. My body was often in the way.

Key word: ME. She used the word me about six times in her speech. The word ME was to describe  made her a whole. She talks about how she had told past events by the marks on her body. I agree with Eve Ensler’s paragraph of herself. Because that’s true, self is what continues our lives even after we die. Our “Self” explains how we die by the marks and sacred left on our body. Another thing that I love about Ensler’s speech, “My body,” is how she used the language to express herself. Language meaning the way we talk, the way we choose to describe , and who we become. I use language by writing poetry to express my emotions. The poem “Hoping it’s Dream,” by me expresses how I felt at one point in  my life and the emotions I was feeling at that point.

                          “Hoping its Dream”

                                   I wish I could wake-up

                                                         I wish I could know

                                                     I wish this was made-up

                                                  I wish this will not be shown

                                              As though I hoped it was dream

                                                It became my biggest fear

                                                 My family nightmare

                                                      Almost near

                                         Not knowing how they will act

                                                Knowing this is a fact

                                                    Not fiction

                                           But a serious condition

                                       That will change everything

                          Scared to death scared of what I might lose

                          Hopefully they can accept what they see.

                           Hopefully they can accept me…

This is my language and this is how I expressed my feelings. I am not an expert in poetry but it’s my own language so I can choose how I use it. Just like how Eve Ensler’s uses her own language in her speech, “My body” She does not use poetry like I do, but she uses different way. She doesn’t come straight out and say “I am sad.” She expresses it through objects and many other things.

I heard stories that got inside my body. I heard about a little girl who couldn’t stop peeing on herself because so many grown soldiers had shoved themselves inside her. I heard an 80 year-old woman whose legs were broken and pulled out of her sockets and twisted up on her head as the soldiers raped her like that. There are thousands of these stories. And many of the women had holes in their bodies—holes, fistula—that were the violation of war—holes in the fabric of their souls. These stories saturated my cells and nerves. And to be honest, I stopped sleeping for three years.

Eve Ensler’s first sentence,

I heard stories that got inside my body.

She mean she felt people pain were hurt or had a tragic thing happen to them. he said it was in her own language that connected to herself.  She expresses her feelings through the stories that she heard.  Using her language made her audience feel the people and open people’s eyes on reality. Self and language are not the most but least key words that help us to be our true self. ey words that let us have freedom I can agree with Ensler’s choice of words language and self. The reason why I have agreed with her though-out her entire speech, is because we both share the same concepts.

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  • tsweety

    Very nice article! You did a wonderful job explaining the characteristics of self and comparing your meaning with Ensler’s. I think you really did a excellent job critiquing Ensler’s speech about self, it was a powerful speech, and you really connected to it. Inputting your personal poem that has meaning was a plus. Over all, I think you did a really good job!

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