Artifact 2: Change the Drinking Age?

            Do you believe the drinking age should be lowered? The drinking age in America is 21 years old, and in many other countries the drinking age is about 18 or 19 years old. If the drinking age is reduced to 18 or 19 years old, then these young adults will be legal to drink in controlled environments like bars, clubs, restaurants and many other places. These places will have matured people drinking there and not people, who are illegal, binge drinking. When young adults are not taught to drink responsibly, they end up binge drinking at parties, it will be better to teach young adults to drink responsibly and hold them reliable to what they do as we do with driving. The responsible environments will help form a mature responsible young adult, who will have the choice to drink. There are many college students drinking already at these ages, who aren’t of legal age yet, who drink irresponsibly mostly because it’s thrilling, rebellious and a symbol of adulthood.

            When someone turns 18 years old, they make their own decisions and can already buy cigarettes, vote, get married, sign contracts, serve as juries and join the military. All of these acts have so many responsibilities to partake on. These 18 year old, young adults should also be trusted to make their own decisions about consuming alcohol. If an 18 year old can be mature enough to go into the military, risk their lives and hold a gun, then they should be responsible enough to consume alcohol at this age.

            Ruling out teens from drinking in responsible, supervised places such as restaurants and bars, they will turn to irresponsible, unsupervised places to drink at such as a fraternity house. When teens are at irresponsible parties and get hurt from alcohol related injuries, they are sometimes afraid to seek help because of legal consequences. By lowering the drinking age, teens will be able to drink in responsible supervised places.

            Now the question comes about driving. It is illegal already to drink and drive so why would it affect it more if the drinking age is lowered. If teens are educated about alcohol consumption and are drinking in responsible places, they would know the consequences about drinking and driving. For people to say that there will be more accidents if the drinking age were lowered, why then? If they were educated about drinking and become responsible and not drinking for the thrill of drinking and breaking the law, then they will know and make the right decision to not drink and drive.

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