Reflection: What I’ve learned in English 104

Coming into English 104, I thought it was going to be a walk in the park. Sad to say, it was more like walking slowly through a war zone at a park. Everything was just coming so fast. I took English 103 in the summer previous to the start of the fall semester. We did 3 papers and barely wrote anything. I was never a big fan of writing. I can’t blame the English 103 teacher for not preparing me for the next class, but I am.

Although I had a great teacher, it was a lot of things that I never hear before or even understood. All of this turned into stress, but I had a couple of meeting with the teacher and she understood where I was coming from. I enjoyed the class overall. I learned how to relate to the audience when writing. I also learned that you can write deeper than you think. You just have to think outside of the box. If I could do anything differently I would go into the class with a different mindset other than “I don’t feel like writing.”

WordPress is cool to me. It was my first time blogging and I actually enjoyed the few time that I did it. WordPress gives you the chance to put your writing on the internet for other people to read and gives others the chance to criticize it constructively. When you post something on the site you were supposed to comment on two other blogs written by other people. It was interesting to read others blog and give them advice and let them know how good of a writer they are at the same time.

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