A Rough “Plan” with Extraordinary Potential

Let’s get one thing straight: This is not a course in blog writing!

Your enrollment in Northern Illinois University’s English 104 ensures your engagement with the English 104 outcomes listed on the NIU English Department website. But . . . compulsory course work can be tedious (don’t tell anyone I said that). So, some fiendishly enterprising colleagues and I wanted to play with different methods of achieving outcomes and department goals.

Alternating between individual and collaborative group writing, you will learn to analyze, create, and critique many different genres of writing. These posts will function as one expression of the writing process and serve as starting points for revisions and altogether new projects.
As we explore the reciprocal and often collaborative nature of writing, you will also be required (and encouraged!) to comment on your classmates’ posts, other English 104 students’ posts, and those of several other articles and blogs.
Additionally, you will encounter other kinds of writing and reading, and discover different methods of analyzing and responding to rhetorical strategies. We’ll also be discussing the value and purpose of source documentation and original work.
Throughout the semester you’ll have opportunities to write, speak, and share about your experiences engaging in a considerably altered blog format, as we explore the deviations and commonalities such writing has with academic prose and standards of research.

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