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Artifact 1: Theories Differed Article 2 Redo

Theories Differed

            In the reading, Apocalypse Now by Edward O. Wilson, he is explaining how religious beliefs differ due to ones different views on life. For example, Muslims have a different view on life than a Christian would. On popular holidays like Christmas and even birthdays, Christians feel the need to celebrate these special days unlike Muslims who will argue that Jesus wasn’t born on the 25th of December. “The Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam believe that the universe was constructed to be relevant to humanity.” I am not a humanist, I am a Baptist, and therefore Wilsons’ viewpoint is irrelevant to my beliefs. Continue reading

Reflection: What I’ve learned in English 104

Coming into English 104, I thought it was going to be a walk in the park. Sad to say, it was more like walking slowly through a war zone at a park. Everything was just coming so fast. I took English 103 in the summer previous to the start of the fall semester. We did 3 papers and barely wrote anything. I was never a big fan of writing. I can’t blame the English 103 teacher for not preparing me for the next class, but I am. Continue reading

Can’t read and want an education? There’s still hope!

Getting an education without being forced to read one word?! Many students would love this offer, but is it worth it? What is education? There could be a direct and indirect definition given. Direct meaning of the dictionary definition, and indirect meaning the way Ari LeVaux defines education. It is defined as the act or process of imparting or gaining knowledge, judgment, and a level of intellectual maturity. The way LeVaux defines education is very similar. He believes in street smarts more than he does book smarts. Continue reading

R.I.P. to boring blogs and sites


Reading blogs is BORING more times than not. There are some interesting ones out there though. When reading a blog, there are certain things that appeal to the reader, whether it is the title and/or a picture. A picture in a blog may undermine the audiences expectations because what they are seeing may not be what the reader intended it to be. For example, if a blog had a picture of a nude woman, you’d automatically assume that the blog would be about pornography. In all actuality, the blog may represent something totally different like Picasso’s greatest paintings. Continue reading


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