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Artifact 1: analysis of Apocalypse Now

Analysis of Apocalypse Now

            There are tons of different religions in this world. People have different beliefs which create different perspectives toward the way they think and react. Some people believe God has created this universe while some people believe human evolved from apish ancestors. Since religious stories and science have a different point of view on human evolution, it is difficult to solve their problems and conserve the world. Continue reading

Artifact 2

Twilight blog


            I visited a blog of the movie called Twilight. Twilight is one of the most popular movies in the world. It is about a girl and a vampire fall in love. The reason I pick this blog, I think it is interesting to follow up their latest news and events and Twilight is one of my favorite movies. Usually I would pay attention to anything is about that. Since the movie will be playing on this Friday, November 18. Therefore, the blog will update plenty of news about the film and movie stars. This website is an unofficial blog made by fans. Continue reading


My experiences in English 104

            In English 104, my writing skills got improved by writing multiple essays such as encounters, articles and final project.  This class requires me to read and analyze many articles, therefore, my reading skills also got a bit improved. My instructor was very kind, she encourages us to revise our papers.  It was really helpful that I was allowed to revise my essays because I receive a chance to find my mistakes and improve my grammar. Continue reading

He’s Just Not That into You

In my entire life, I have never written any blog. So this time will be my first time to write a blog. I chose to talk about a movie called He’s Just Not That into You. This is a great movie! I would like to watch it over and over again. Whether you have watched it or not, I totally recommend my readers to watch it. Continue reading

blog response

            I visited a beauty blog called, this blog mainly talks about cosmetics, nails, beauty tips, fragrance, spas, hair styles, skin care and product reviews. The website has some review of the products which helps the readers to make a better choice when purchasing products. It also has the monthly archives, therefore, the readers will not get confuse which post is the latest. On the top of the page, there is a post about Clinique latest collection of holiday palette for eyes, lips and cheeks. The post has some descriptions about the collection and displays several photos. Continue reading

this is my final project

My final project is about the implication of fashion and economics. I also made a blog about my project.


For the final project prompt, I have decided to pick my topic about fashion. My target of my research paper is to let my readers know that fashion plays an important role in our world. I will discuss about how fashion has a great impact to the world and fashion designers have contributed to the fashion field.  When seasons are changing, fashion designers are busy to attend many fashion shows and events. Celebrities show off their latest and finest clothing. Fashion could always attract certain amount of buyers because every season comes out with different design of clothing. Fashion has a
great impact to change people the way they dress and stimulate the economic as well. If one piece of clothing gets famous and popular, people might follow the trend and wear the similar clothing.

I will search several journal articles on Academic Search Premier as my resources. I have found a few articles are related to the fashion and how it impacts the world. One of the articles is about social psychological perspective and fashion. It talks about the reason human like to dress up with nice clothing and desire for new clothes. Second article is about the impact of young adults street fashion in Japan, how Japanese fashion is different with other countries. Another article is about the impact of economic growth on female fashion and people in different countries follow trends.

The ethos of my research paper is based on my sources, my own opinions and observations of fashion. The sources of the journal articles from the Continue reading

basic guidelines for websites

As I browsed around on different blogs, I discovered the natures of the conversation of blogs are started with questions or thoughts. The authors usually discuss about the most popular topics, their favorite things, and thoughts. Therefore talking about popular topics can attract the readers’ attention. Discussing the favorite things and thoughts on blog can earn different point of view from people around the world. In most cases, original posters do not often join the Comments conversation; they only join it when responding important questions. Continue reading


Time has gone very fast; I could not believe it is 2012 already. Ten years ago, I was a sophomore at NIU. Now I have my own job working in the computer science field. The job is well paid, therefore, I could offer high quality cars and a nice big house. I am glad I moved to a big city. It has been my dream to live in cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago… I love looking out the window at night because I cannot take my eyes off the beautiful night view. Every street light is sparkling which makes the city to be as energized as daytime. Although the night is getting very late, but people are still walking down the street and enjoy their lives.


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