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I'm a Sophomore in college, I'm majoring in Business and enjoy playing soccer.

No pain No game

Today we are use to see things, and the only thing we see is the final result and forget about the effort that is putted back it. It doesn’t matter what we are talking about, if it’s a television show, a movie, sports, theater, dance… we are used to see a performance and most of people aren’t able to see the effort that people putted on it. For instance soccer is a sport that haven’t really reached the heart of Americans completely. I come from Spain, probably the best soccer nation today. Since I was a little kid I loved kicking the ball around everywhere I went. At the age of 7 I started playing for a club. I was doing that for fun but soon I realized something, I had more fun when I won. There’s only a way to win, being better than your opponent. That is something you learn when you are a little kid, you learn about it, you learn to want it and you learn how to get it. Since that age, I have been working hard everyday. I learned something. The conditions don’t matter. It doesn’t matter if it snows, it doesn’t matter if you have a headache, and it doesn’t matter if you have no one to kick the ball with. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you took that little extra that separates the good from the best.


Almost everyone I know had feel inferior than someone else, and there’s a big probability that you also experienced that. Feeling inferior comes along with having a disadvantage. There is a lot of different cases. It can be in school, sports, or other fields in life. I specially feel that I have a big disadvantage and I have been feeling that way for a big part of my life. I have a twenty year disadvantage in comparison to other students in my school. Most of the students, have grow up in the United States learning the English language since the day they were born and improving every day for twenty years. It was a really big challenge for me having to learn a new language from scratch in a short amount of time. The things everyone had twenty years to learn, I had one year. Looking at that situation that way, people can see the disadvantage I am talking about.

The goal of this English class is to challenge students in the English language, learn new things, analyze and improve writing skills. For me is more than that, while I am doing all that I have also to learn basic things as grammar and basic composition. This class helped me improve all those things and learn the new things at the same time. This semester is already coming to an end and I can honestly say that I am leaving this class with more things than when I arrived. This year I improved my English skills. I know how analyze other peoples text, recognizing their thesis and goals, and looking at their quoted material. I also improved my writing skills. Start my work by recognizing my thesis, state claims and sustain them with quoted material. Looking at the whole this class helped me to become a better writer and also a better reader.

Artifact 2: Soccer in US

I have experienced a lot of different cultures throughout my life. In all those cultures, sports play an important role. Sports are a big part of my life mainly because of my father. The reason why I could experience different cultures is because he was a professional soccer player. After spending the first twelve years of my life in Spain, we moved to France, and only two years later we moved to Norway. It was only one year ago that I decided I wanted to come to the United States. Even if sports played a very important role in all those societies I lived in, there was a big difference between all the places I lived, and my final destination, the US.

All the countries I lived in before coming to the US are a part of Europe. In Europe there are a lot of different sports and athletes that are the best in the world at what they do. Among all those sports there’s one that clearly stands out, and that sport is FOOTBALL or how Americans call it: Soccer. Continue reading

Artifact 1: “Apocalypse Now”

In the article “Apocalypse Now” by Edward O. Wilson, the first sentence makes an important impact for the reader. Wilson starts the essay saying “Dear Pastor,” from that sentence we can already tell that this article is written in a letter format, and is directed to a Pastor. In reality, this is neither a letter nor directed to a pastor. What Edward O. Wilson is trying to accomplish by doing this, is to establish a close relationship with the reader, trying to make him or her feel that this is personal. The first paragraph of this article is the most important part when it comes to establishing the kind of relationship that Wilson wants to have with his audience. He is clear when he writes, “We have not met, yet I feel I know you well enough to call you a friend.” He is not only trying to establish this close relationship with the reader, but make him friends, a friend that will listen to what he has to say. He calls the reader a friend because they have things in common. For example, “we grew up in the same faith.” With this he lets the reader know that not only do they have things in common, but also this relationship comes all the way back to when they were growing up. “We are both Americans and, insofar as it might still affect civility and good manners, we are both Southerners.” He had a purpose in establishing a close relationship with the reader by looking for help. “I write to you now for counsel and help.” Friends ask about counsel to one another, and friends help each other out. Continue reading


This semester I learned about rhetoric. The way to learn and get better was different than I had experienced before. That method consisted on blogging. During the semester I had to read papers about rhetoric and write both journals and papers about it. Along with that, I also wrote blogs. What I learned about rhetoric was that when you write something it could be something debatable, but you would try to establish your point with sources. You would try to gain credibility by showing knowledge and facts about the subject, as well as using sources in the right way. The other part of this class was posting in a blog, and then leaving comments to other people who posted. I think that was a good experience. Reading all the blogs and papers required for the course has improved my reading and writing immensely. When looking at the blogs, something came to my mind. If you try to analyze the work from classmates, you could see that there’s not as much to examine as in the papers we analyze in class. Blog entries are more based on opinions and not so much on the work behind the writing.


The population in the US is over 300 millions and there is a big contrast that separates people in six different social classes: Capitalist, Upper middle, Lower middle, Working, Working poor and Underclass.

For me, there is only three different classes in this world: Poor, Middle and Rich. My name is Earl and I come form a farm in Alabama. I grew up being a part of the pool class in the US. Since the age of ten I worked in the family farm and never got the chance to study. My whole family worked a lot an so did I. Ours schedules only contained three words: Sleep, work and eat. The days weren’t excited, but I do remember one thing that was exciting in my life and that was the few times that my and my dad played ball. That didn’t happen very often but it was one of those things that made me happy. I always thought that I didn’t belong there. I love my family but that wasn’t the life that I wanted for me and when I saw a chance, I moved. Continue reading

Small World

Have you ever heard of the saying “It’s a small world”?  For most people, it would be running into someone you know when you are out running errands, but for me it is different.  Since I was seven years old, I started traveling around Europe with my family for my father’s job.  When I was twelve I moved from Spain to France, when I was fourteen I moved to Norway, and finally when I became independent I moved to the United States for college.  In the course of all of those years, I had to learn each countries language, and adapt to their culture.

Continue reading


I remember when I got my first computer, I was 14. Do you remember that age when all you want to do is play with your friends and you start to realize that you have to go to school, read books, and learn? WHAT? WHY? That doesn’t make sense, why do I have to know about plants and animals, and numbers, and what people did in the past? Why would I want to know all that? Ask me all the things that I found boring in this world, and I would not excited for a second before I put learning in the top of my list.

Then I started to get used to my new computer and the Internet. That was amazing, the best thing that ever happened to me, so many things I could do now! I could talk to my friends that were miles away, I could even see them and hear their voice, I could send e-mails, e-mails were the same as sending letters but faster, I could read all kind of newspapers and blogs…  “Wait a second. If you think to learn is the most boring thing to do in the world, why would you read blogs, that’s learning in a way, right?” “I guess you’re right…But…”

…but is not the same. Learning is boring blogs are fun. You can find all kind of blogs, and the best thing is that the people that write on blogs has something in common with you, they are also sitting in front of their computer, you could even be the one writing. And there was just something about blogs that made me want to know more about what all those words on my screen were saying. The pictures around it, the web design, the sounds, the colors, me navigating through that blog with my mouse and my keyboard, it was just something about it that made me want to learn.

Summer diaries

I look out the window. It’s dark and raining outside. I put my coat on, open the door, and start walking. It’s the middle of the summer but a little chilly out. There’s no one on the street. I look at my watch and see that I have only three minutes to get to the coffee place where I’m suppose to meet her. I wonder what she wants to talk about. When your girlfriend calls you at night and tells you that you need to talk, I can’t help but think it’s not a good sign..


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