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Late Night Ride

Late Night Ride

Just last week my friends and I called Late Night Ride to pick use up from a party. Because we didn’t have a ride back to the dorms and it was getting later and later, I called Late Night. I didn’t get thought until 10 or 20 minutes later. Then a woman picked up and said Late Night is on the way. Now picture this: we’re at some man’s house waiting, and when I look at the time on my phone it said about 5 o’clock am. We called again and ask the same woman form late night and she keep saying the something they on the way. So we ended up getting a ride from somebody from the party we didn’t know. Late Night never came to get us.

Late Night Ride is a service for NIU students to get free rides from anywhere within DeKalb with no question asked. It runs daily from 4p.m to 7a.m.This service is provided by the Department of Public Safety. The men and women who drive the vans are from the security Guard Division.

My problem with Late Night Ride is that you can’t really depend on them to come on time or even just come get you. The phone is always busy, and they take forever to pick up the phone. If you have a scheduled time, they never come at a specific time. Lastly some people answer the phone with a nasty attitude.

I did my research, and I asked student who attend this school about what they think about Late Night Ride. Most of all the students said the same thing about Late Night: they don’t like the speed of services. I asked the students why does this problem exist and how we can fix this problem. Most of the student said Late Night Ride has this problem because there is only one phone, so it always takes them 20 minutes to pick up the phone. I had also asked the man who worked for Light Night Ride the same questions. When I heard what he said my mind somewhat changed about Late Night. He told me that there is more than one phone but there is only one person to answer the phones, that’s why it takes so long for people to pick up the phone calls. I asked him why does it take so long for Late Night to pick people up? He said it matters where all the vans are at the time the base calls them for the pick-up. I asked him are they understaffed. He told me he doesn’t think so it just students need to have patience and wait and the ride will come. He said if students just used Late Night for real reason and stop miss using the serves Late Night will be a lot faster. I asked him was  money a problem. He said no he likes the money. I also asked him does he think more people should get hired? He said no he thinks that Late Night does their job good. He said most students misusing Late Night. He said Late Night is used for students who are in danger, drunk, or just in bad situation. But students use Late Night to get to parties and go places where they simply can walk to in day light. To me the cause of the problems is that students and Late Night only have one person picking up the phone.

My solution to Late Night is I think that they should hire NIU students and let them answer the phone, and Late Night doesn’t have to pay out of pocket. Students would be using  work study as compensation. I think this would help Late Night out so much because they don’t have to pay more money. So Late Night would save more money because they don’t have to hire more people pot of their own budget. For Late Night, it would be like the students are working for free.

I was reading the northern star when I read up on Late Night Ride, some of the things they were talking about went with the information I stayed. At Northern Illinois University we think Late Night Ride is a bad service but compared to other colleges, we have the best services around Illinois. Northern doesn’t ask for: Univ ID, Non student fee, fixed route, Travel area limited, No intoxicated riders, etc. Northern is the only college that will take students as, far as Elburn, and Elburn is 45 minutes away.  NIU is only trying to look out for the students because the busses don’t run on Saturdays and student want have a ride back to camps. NIU is the only colleges that go’s far because UIC won’t even go 8 miles to Oak Park to get student because it’s too far from the school. NIU is open for 112 hours per week and Western Illinois is open for 14 hours per week. If you just look over the services NIU’s Late Night Ride is the best

Relfection What I Have Learned

Option 2-Community &writing Process
I have learned lot in this English 104 class, we did lot’s of daffiest thing I ever did be for in English. Most of the thing we did we had to keep doing and redoing over because the more we redid owe papers the better they got. I think I showed my skills on the blog I wrote about football. I had tone and length in my paper that’s what made my paper much better, I learn in class tone and length is what makes a paper good. Because you keep you reader in the paper, never big part I learn in English was that if you don’t have evidence you really don’t have a paper. Because the more your reader can believe you the more they’re going to like your paper no one likes a lire. It’s this site called Word Press where you can post blogs for the world to read, going on line happen me a lot.
Word Press is a very good site because you post your work online for everyone to see. This made my prewriting mush better because. You have to think about it’s not just your class reading your paper it’s a lot of people on this site who can read your work comment on your work anything. Posting my work on line made me stager writer. Because you don’t want people making fun of your work if you but the time in to write the paper why not do a good job on it. Posting your paper online had as a good side and a bad to it, because you have to talk to a group of people so you have to think how I can pull more people in to my reading by what I say. It a lot of things that came with appalling to a larger group of people like sentences use.
When I went back and look over my work I really focus on revise more holistically. Because I really just write my paper out and not really worry about how writing till the end of my paper. I think that if I focus a little more on how I worded things my paper would have been a lot better. You need two things to have a good paper good sentence and a clear paper. I say that because you can’t have a good paper without good sentence and not clear no one will know what you’re talking about. The starger of the paper is everything the starger your paper the better I like when people give me feedback on my work because their only trying to help me make my paper better so feedback is good.
I think feedback is needed in any paper because the only think feedback can is make your paper better then what is was. I liked when we wrote paper and let the person next to us read and tell us what we need to add and change about the paper. But it’s even better when the teacher read the paper because that’s the best feedback you can get to make your paper as good as it could get.
As a writer I had a lot of strengths and weaknesses, I can write a paper but I need help to revising my paper to keep it going and on track. I think I can work on rereading my work but is some stuff I will look over and not see or just skeep over my eye just some time want see little mistakes

My Life Of Football

Have you ever been, grate not just good at anything in your life, and felt like it
just came so easy to you, some people may say school, reading or other
stuff  but not this story of my life. As
a child have you ever looked at the TV and said you want to be just like the
people you saw on the TV. It was like that for me any time, I saw the the NFL
player. But even thought I was good I wanted to get better so had to work at
football it came to me like reading a book.

When I just a little boy growing up in Chicago it was hard to not get into bad
things like goings another activity like that. So my father and mother couldn’t
look after me 24/7 so my dad asked me what I wanted to do after school.  I really didn’t know at the time but just so
happened that we drove passed a football field and I saw a lot of kids playing
football. At that point being a 7 year old boy I thing  that  I
had find the only thing in the that I was grate at, this sport called football.

When I first started it was like I had to prove myself to all the players and the coaches
because all the players had already had there spot on the team the only player
that didn’t have a spot on the team was the player that was going to make a big
different in the we were losing until the coaches just said put Jonathan in we
losing any way. After about 10 minis into the game I had getting a handoff from
the qwerter back James after a right here and left there lead me to a
touchdown, a new name and a new family called the Falcons.

From that point on I was known as Scat back, I got the name from my speed.  When I had scored a touchdown, from a kickoff
by the other team. I ran all most a 100 yards know one new I was that fast
until I took off like a jet, leaving a run way. It was so funny to see me
playing football because I was only 95ps if that, which made me the smallest
person on the team but it was even more funny to see me as a starting running
back. But it didn’t matter my speed made up for my size.

I can remember one game when my team had
worked so hard to get to playoff we made it to last around of the playoff and
lost by like 3 points but during the game I saw my team playing their hearts
out I saw crying and fight in their eyes no one gave up we just got out played
at the end of the game. Novel my friends who was on the same team as I was, we
both were on the field and all we keep saying to each other was “we can do it”  “we can do it”. He told me I played like I
was in the NFL and then I said well that makes two of us then, at the end of
the game we lost the biggest game of the year. But for me I had find something
that some people call bad or war, but I looked at the game in a somewhat
diffident then most other people would look at the game like: family, friend,
work, fun and the last thing is to prove something to myself as a person the
well to never give up.

Artifact1 What Douse School Really Mean To You

LeGuin V.S Education.

When was the first time, you really find out what school or learning was in your
life? In this Article a Non Euclidean view of California as a Cold Place to
by Ursula K. Le Guin I’m going telling you the word until the end of my
story. It was three times in my life when I really find out what school really
was. The first time was when I graduation from 8th grade and I went
in to high school. My next two is when I graduation from high school and went
to NIU.

I didn’t really knew what life was until I want to high school. High school is
like a new world you’re just entering and then 9th grade started.
One of the hardest day of my life for real, for one I wasn’t us to getting home
work on the first day of school I was mad. Then how the teacher wanted the work
to be, done really turned me around because I’m us to teacher holding my hand
taking me thought all the work we had to do. I felt like dyeing, from all the
work that was giving to me at one time. The test and home work was harder. But
as the day went by I got us to all the work and test, and high school just
become a part of my daily life.  But what
I also learned about high school is the fact of just girlfriend and boyfriend’s
school isn’t just all about work. It’s about meeting new people and finding out
who your real friend is and who’s not. To me high school is where you really
find yourself because, you find yourself doing and saying thing you wouldn’t do
at home with your family.

The way Le Guin is using learning, is using this word lecture which means reading
and speaking. She said a performance is not a lecture but a conference, she
said reading is a collabor of lecturer and a big part of lecturer is having an
audience. I agree with what Le Guin is saying about lecture because reading and
lecture is a big part of learning, talking about lecturing brings me to my next
point when I am again college at NIU

When I first came to NIU I didn’t know what to think at the time but freedom for all
keep going around my mind. It didn’t hit me at first until after my first year,
of partying in college that school isn’t all about partying and sometimes it’s
good to have rolls. When I sat down, and started thinking, about my life. Then
that word I didn’t want to tell you in the begin of the paper can in to play
education. Because education is hard to get in this day in age its not because
the work is to hard or your teachers just don’t like you it the money. Most
people want to go to college but don’t want to pay a lot of money to go to
college. But to me education was always a hard thing for me I would always have
to try harder then other student because I don’t learn like them I had to put
more work in just to get to where I am. If education was a sport I would be the
king of education.

So what does education really mean to me, hard work and ever giving up. I was
really good in sports, in my head I know I like to win I wouldn’t  give up until I win so I like to try using
sports because I’m not giving up until I win and I put that in my school work.






Well most of the blogs I have looked at were on word press. I like word press
because you can find whatever you’re looking for. You just have to do some
looking the tags
on the side of the page is a big help because, the tags tell you what to do and
how to name your papers. When you first look at word press the site has a nice
big picture at the top of the screen that grabs your eye. Just looking at the
home page I want to sign up for word press. I know it was a good site for blogs
because the site shows you different types of blogs you can read about. But not
only did the site shows you all the blogs it was different writer you can read
about. So the site has a lot of ethos. Because the site shows everything it has
to offer you.

What I like about word press the most, is the help page because it shows you what you are
getting yourself into. The home page has journals, reading, messages in
bottles, and other blogs on it. Journals go with the readings fist, you have to
read one of the little story then at the end of every story theirs a journal. The
journals are to see how you understand what the readings are about. The journals
aren’t that hard if you read the story’s all the way thought, it’s just some
questions from the story that the writer wanted you to see. I like the message
in a bottle because you need the code to open the bottle up like message you
cant see until you open the bottle like that. The message in the bottle is for
your class only just like if your teacher had something for the class that was
due it would be in the message bottle. Because word press is a open site were
one can read your blogs or post. The site still has place where only you and
your class can see I think that good to know. Not only can you do all that
stuff but u all so have different little things you can do on the side of the
page to help you with your blogs. The site has a lot of different things you
can do on it but the only think, I don’t like about word press is at first I didn’t
know how to do anything I was lost until I got help and learned how to us
everything. I thing I had the biggest trouble with was how to get to the blogs
and how to tag them rite. But now that I have got the hug of it, its no big
dill to me now. I think when you first get on the site go around and see what
everything is just play around it lost and find yourself learning how to work
the site to help you

My life in 2030

Jonathan Thomas



                                                                The Year 2030

I am about 30 years old now. I’m one of the best Cops in Chicago at this time I had one of the best partner, I had ever worked with her name was Kim. She was a Cop, and a good one at that. I was working on the biggest case of my carrier. But just then out of nowhere came out this big man with big hands with blood on then. He had to be one of the biggest people I had ever seen. I didn’t know what to do at this point the first thing that came to mind was pull my gun out but he told me he had just got off work at a meat packing place.



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