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Looking Back


 I found two articles in directly related to my topic. Both articles were from Black Masks, a journal dedicated to African American Theater.  I found this journal in a database containing publications on “the African experience throughout the Americas”. It is unclear whether Black Masks is a scholarly journal. Both articles, published in 1988, address the development and progression of Black Theater in America over the previous twenty or thirty years. Continue reading

A picture worth the words

I’ll begin with Ander Monson, whom I thank for a trip outside of the box. Monson uses the imagery of circuits. While examining his site it soon became clear that I would find more than poetry. It actually took me a while to realize that he is a poet. I found the amount of information overwhelming. On the other hand, the visual of the circuits all leading to his name makes it clear that what we find will be a part of him. It is as if he is the system, and the circuits are the roadways that lead us through to discover his inner workings. Within one of these circuits there is a page where, in addition to the text in the center of the page, there is a column of text running the length of the page. It is a poem about the arrangement of text on the page. The color of the font was a different color. Upon seeing this, it suddenly occurred to me that the words themselves could be a visual aspect of a blog or web page. In this instance the words, strung along the side of the page, were like words written in a margin. It was a stream of thought separate, but related to the main text of the page. This, in my opinion, underscores audience expectations. As a poet, it is befitting of him to give special consideration not only to the words, but the placement and visual aspect of the words as well. Continue reading

Into the Future

Today, in what some may consider a “post-racial” America, black actress and Tony Award winnerViola Davis is praised for her touching portrayal of (wait for it)… a maid! I’m sorry, I just flashed back to the 1930′s. Out of context and without much detail, it seems as if things haven’t changed much in the last sixty or seventy years or so. Davis, a phenominal actress truly does bring depth to her character Aibileen in this summer’s release of “The Help”, but her role in this film sparks questions.  Continue reading

On Becoming

On Becoming

I had planned to leave with little announcement, wanting to be empowered, self-reliant. I wanted my own secrets and adventures, to be unafraid and unbound.  I wanted to be different; to live the life of some fearless, creative, connected, revolutionary person. I could be her. I will be her. I am her. And so I left. And when I arrived, there was only me, more frightened than ever before, in a strange place. Continue reading

Bird’s-eye view

I look down at my weathered hiking boots and send a quick prayer of thanks.  I had never been to the mountains before moving to Colorado, with my daughter Reagan, to practice Physical Therapy. It’s peaceful and rugged and beautiful out here and I can’t help but reflect. Here I am, hiking trails in the mountains, living in a house with a gorgeous view, getting paid to help people every day, and indulging in conversation with my totally awesome daughter.  I know the journey never ends, but this, right now, is a slice of heaven. Life is good and I don’t want to waste a single moment of it.  “Race you back!” I say, running through the mountains with my daughter.


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