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I'm currently a student at NIU studying Computer Science.

8-Bit Graphics

A small banner of color is strewn across the top of Brainy Gamer, a blog detailing the world of gaming. Other than this simple banner, the page lacks the presence of common visual elements. In fact, the only other visual elements on the page are clip-art-styled images and a couple photographs of guest speakers. For a blog with such insight on video games, an evolving visual and audio art form, the page lacks everything except walls of text.

As a gamer, I find the information conveyed to be well-founded and alluring on many levels. The way in which each piece is written shows a level of comprehension beyond what society expects from a “gamer” and I often found myself drawn into these stories, reviews, and anecdotes. While most of these articles are written with an intellectual approach, there remains an undeniable feeling of personalization unmatched in much of today’s critical analysis writings.

Despite the wealth of information contained on this humble page, there is very little that draws the reader to each article. It was only after I forced myself through the introductory sentences that I was able to peel back the site’s bland overtone and find the real work of art within perfectly arranged characters. Although the information was all very interesting, black text on a white page can hastily transform an interesting blog into just another overlooked page during a late night “Stumble Upon” session. Were the blog to have a simple blog-wide theme consisting of 3 colors, it would have the potential to attract more readers by providing a landscape in which the many rogue paragraphs could reside.

Intrepid Beginnings

I wake up to the dull buzz of my alarm clock. I gesture with my hand and it turns off. Life in 2021 has become a lot easier but the work is the same. I work in Seattle for an upcoming game developer as a software engineer. As I leave my home, my car greets me by opening the door and asking me where I would like to go. Fifteen minutes later, I’m barreling down the super highway, inches from the cars around me. The integration of microprocessors and automobiles has led to precise artificial drivers.

When I arrive at work, I sit at my desk; a large piece of glass using projectors to display the keyboard and mouse. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn to see my friend and co-founder of the company. I ask him, “Are we ready to launch?”


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