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self, the anomoly

Defining self has many different aspects and components.  The word is not exactly and easy one to get tabs on the definition is slippery, up for interpretation, and definitely surrounded with a lot of grey area.  Components that build the word are psychological, physical, spiritual, and more values like that.  Dictionary. Com defines self as “one’s identity, character, abilities, and attitudes, especially in relation to persons or things outside oneself or itself”.  I believe that they are hitting in some truths, one important word that was used in there definition was the word identity.  Identity much like self is another complicated words because of once again all of the components that make it.

Many events happen during life that shape us as people, some of us have profound dealings that make positive or negative changes on our lives, in Ensler’s piece she talks about the negative stories that she heard about women and children getting raped by soldiers, and in the end of the piece she concludes with “I stopped sleeping for three years.”  This shows perfectly that there are traumatic events that have a deep affect on the way that she thinks, acts, and lives.  She continues to elaborate about how she felt connected with these women that were being raped, and for some reason Ensler felt guilty about what was happening.  She says that “my body had not only become a driven machine, but it was responsible now for destroying other women’s bodies in it mad quest to make more machines to support the speed and efficiency of my machine.”  Once again this is even more support that shows how actions can shape people in many different ways.

This brings up the question of nature versus nurture; in life we have genes and traits that are innate.  Our physical traits are passed down from both parents; we look like them and are a direct product of them.  But on more of a mental level we are a end result of the environment that we live in and things that happen to us while we are in the environment.  Another example of the nurture that shapes the human mind and makes us who we are is the columbine shooting.  Unfortunately those kids were bullied and made fun if changing their outlook on life and caused them to lash back because of the mental torments that they had to deal with.

Another interesting aspect of the workings of the word self in the morals, values, and traits that make us unique.  At the base of the human there is the morals that we were taught when we were young children.  For instance religion, and beliefs are usually a huge part of many peoples life.  Family, and friends are usually very important to humans.

Finally I believe that one of the most important aspects of the word self is the concept of self-actualization and satisfaction with who you are.  This concept of being fulfilled with who you are as a person is often the facet that eludes people there entire life.  I believe that looking yourself at more than just a physical level and being satisfied with what you see is a very important part to defining the word self.

Self is a word that can be defined in many different ways, it can be explained on a physical level.  Self could also be viewed in more of an emotional and mental light.  Of course there are things that happen in our life that have either a positive or negative affect on humans.  But of course living your own life and being satisfied with yourself is a large portion of the world self.

constructive communication

Robert Bock

Kim Volmer

English 104



The world is a fast moving place you can post blog write anything you want and put it into cyberspace and it is almost guaranteed that someone will see it.   Today many things that we do is digital and on the internet, including social networking and social witting and since our class in on word press it makes most sense that u analyze the comments and back and forth between our students.

On word press like on any site where a teacher requires comments or superior you are bound to see the comments that are a sentence long that end with the typical “keep up the good work” or “nice job.”  But I would say the vast majority of the comment goes deeper than that, I even saw people pulling quotations from peoples excerpts.

The comments obviously pertain to people’s blogs that they had posted and the overall nature of the site.  I saw a lot of comments between people that had multiple back and forth comments and it seemed very constructive. Students really seemed to open up and really be respectfully candid with one another and it was good to see that it was between students and not a teacher and a student.

For me blogging and posting is defiantly a new thing especially posting my writing.  I have been on the social networks, which are blogging in a sense, but usually when I have written before, the only other person beside myself would be the teacher.  But if I had to make an educated guess at what helps constructive commenting and communication between students it would be a few things.  First before all else there would have to be the effort and actual thought put in to what was being said so there are no one sentence comments with a cliché ending.  Also I believe that there would half to be constructive criticism rather than all good feedback, for me personally I would rather hear my weaknesses than my strengths so I could improve and know what to fix in my next blog.  But overall there is good feedback from student to student on the website.


ten years post

Robert Bock

English 104


Kimberly Volmer

In ten years Robert bock will be a successful person. He will be successful in many areas in his life, in his relationships with his friends and family keeping his parents and sister close to him, continuing to keep his family and his faith before all else.  Robert will continue to keep the values that were instilled in him when he was a young man, he will be a Christian, he will be hard working, and kind to all.  Robert will grow to be a good husband father and son, and the where’s and what’s will fall into place.



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