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Reflection What I learned in English 104

In English 104, I came in this course not knowing what to expect. When I first enter this class I thought this class was going to be a very difficult course for me, because English wasn’t always my favorite subject. As the semester went on I began to get the hang of the course and thought that the course wasn’t that bad after all. I just had to learn how to take advantage of my writing skills and put my mind to it.
I never really use to analyze different audiences readings or writings until I enter this course. I believe analyzing different audiences affect my writing because I got different feedback on my writings and what I can improve in my papers. I learned throughout this semester in this course no matter if you take negative feedback you can always turn that negative feedback into positive feedback and do better the next time because you took that negative criticism and listen and learn what mistakes not to make anymore.
I believe the practice of writing multiple drafts was very helpful to me. Why I say that is because it gives me enough chances to find more important information that can make my paper better. It gives me an opportunity to find more sources and proof read over the mistakes that I have made throughout my paper. When doing the research paper we had to create at least three drafts before the final draft was completed. We had left out some important facts, found some false information, misspells, and etc. After doing at least three rough drafts I felt that it was worth it because our paper sounded so much better and with the correct sources and quotes, and correct grammar was used.
In this course I had to learn how to post my work online for much larger reading public other than my peers. I was so use to my classmate’s proof reading my work or just reading my papers and not the public. This was something new to me that I wasn’t sure about until I got the hang of posting my work on the blog sites. I had to make sure that my writings were appropriate and not disrespectful to my audience and had to write my paper inconsideration of others. Because it wasn’t just my peers reading my work, it was the public.
As I would post my assignments on to gateways I mostly got good feedback on my work. I thought it was very cool that students can on the work that you have posted on gateways and give there feedback on how they thought your writing was, or what they thought they saw was your weaknesses. When I went to revise my papers I always find myself revising the paper holistically. Why I chose to revise my paper this way because I felt if I started my paper from the scratch, maybe I can find more details that can help me better my paper. I believe annotating my information that I was finding was very helpful to my final draft of my paper.
*Strengths & Weaknesses
Throughout this semester I believe I than found my weaknesses and my strengths in my papers that I write and the work that I do. As the semester went on I began to realize that my strengths as writer are how I can be so descriptive and very detail. I utilize these because I see myself every time I write and I have to write narrative I get excited and I can find myself getting very detail and not wanting my papers to end. I believe that one thing that I did this semester that I felt helped me improve my writing is writing how I speak.
In this course I found myself struggling with my writing when I can understand certain readings and I have to write about them or relate to something and I can’t find myself writing or even discussing or trying to start a paper because I can’t understand nothing that I have read. I improved them struggles by annotating or just taking notes as I read. I believe I learned a lot throughout this course and I learned how to analyze my audience. I learned how to use ethos, pathos and logos in my readings and writings when trying to analyze you work.

The First 48

In the series The First 48 it made it’s first premiere in 2005 on the network channel A&E. The show reveals how the investigators solve murders within two days of the time it happened. The way the show go is the homicide department gets a phone call stating the discover of a corpse. Once they receive their phone call, they go directly to the crime scene and start processing the scene, collecting evidence and interrogating the possible eyewitness. Once the investigators have taken the proper steps to getting the information they return to their field office.

This series is shown in different states such as Miami, Memphis, Alamba, Atlanta, and etc. This show is to help viewers understand why it’s important to step forward with any information when a crime has been witnessed. Majority of the murder cases that are solved on the show are robbery, drug deals gone bad and love triangles. To me these are no reason to take the life of someone son, daughter, father, mother over some materialistic items that can be bought. Not only is the life of the victim been taken away, but also the person life who comitted the crime as well by serving a life sentence in prison.

To me I feel that a person shouldn’t have to lose their life over something that they have worked hard for. The show gives the family of the victim closure and justice in the investigation of the murder of their relative. They even began to start a missing person show in Chicago, The First 48: Missing Person back in spring of 2011. In this show the scenario is the caller calls in to report a missing person by giving a full description of the missing person that they concerned about. They gather all the information about missing person such as friends, hangouts, last known altercations. That information is used to narrow down the search to a particular area in thye city where the missing person case was filed. Some cases are more easier than other cases because the person that can mistaken a missing person be incarcerated or in the hospital.




Save Our Teachers!

In 2007 Chicago Public Schools were on a strict budget that consisted many teachers to be layed off work.  They were facing potential layoffs to save 16 million dollars.  It have been teachers that have been teaching for at least three to five years that are being layed off because the city can’t afford to pay them the correct salary.  It’s not fair to the CPS employees that they have to apply for new job and new structures. They required CPS employees to teach for ten years or more; and you were guaranteed not to be layed off, and you were required to be 55 years of age and have taught for at least 34 years to receive 15 percent of their salary upon retiring.

I believe that it is not fair that many Chicago Public Schools employees have to lose their jobs due to the government mistakes. We are arguing and debating that the government should come up with a better solution on how to take a better approach on how they can find ways to afford to pay the employees their salary instead of firing them. I believe that the employees that are losing their jobs have a voice and they should be heard. The government fail to realize that they have family, and bills that they need to be taking care of; and it’s not fair to them that they have to find new jobs, that they have work hard for, as far as attending college to start their career that they enjoy doing or always pictured their self doing ever since they were a child. They need to start giving the new employees a chance to grow, and learn as well as they gave the old employees that been working for CPS over teen years.

Everybody deserves a chance, and for the government they need to sit down and compromise on a budget that can help them and the employees on how they can afford to pay CPS employees, and how they can help students on getting better books.  I believe if the government can find a solution to this problem and find better ways to budget their money CPS employees wouldn’t have this problem or worrying about if they going to lose their jobs or not.


Englewood Community!

I was born and raised in the windy city, better known as Chicago, Illionis. Chicago is a very beautiful city, the tall, well-structured buildings, scraping the skies. The beautiful lake, Lake Michigan glistens during the day. The beaches filled with people sun bathing and playing in the cool waters during the bright summer days. The streets downtown are overwhelmingly occupied by massive crowds of people shopping at the huge malls, dining at the most elegant restaurants. Where I live, Englewood, on the south side of Chicago, is almost the exact opposite.

Englewood is not the typical neighborhood that most people would want to live, or associate with. Even the news reports are describing the south side of Chicago as one of the most dangerous places. The death rate here, is increasing rapidly. The neighborhood is low class, which most people would say. The neighborhood is contaminated with teens drinking and smoking, living under the influence. Gang affiliated crowds, settling on the corners, patiently waiting for an eager costumer to buy what they have in store. The graffiti is so thick, covering the walls on every abandon building. The homeless are seen everywhere, but their desperation is strong. They would occupy any job from trying to pump gas for money to washing the car inside and out. young children beating on buckets in the middle of traffic doing the same. I went to a Chicago Public School by the name of John P. Altgeld that was just two blocks down from my home.

A four bedroom apartment with two bathrooms, better than what most of the people around here have. I would consider my family to be middle class, were not as wealthy as the rich people around, but

Hinton 2

we’re not as unfortunate as the poor. I am grateful for what I have, and is determined to do more, to be successful and provide for my family and move them out of this part of town. In order to do that, my mom says, I have to first, complete high school. On the first day of school, I seen my friends as soon as I walked up on the school ground and I instantly said:

Me: What up girl? I miss you!

Friends: We miss you too!

Me: What y’all been on?

Friends: We ain’t been on shit, just out here chilling!

Me: I been on the same here.

The school bell rings and everyone enters into their next class and class was now in session. In the article Bryn Mawr Commencement Address (1986) by Ursula K. Le Guin he states in his article that “It is a language always on the verge of silence and often on the verge of song. It is the language stories are told in. It is the language spoken by all children and most women, and so I call it the mother tongue, for we learn it from our mothers, and speak it to our kids” (Le Guin page 4). In the article Le Guin explain the difference between mother tongue and father tongue. Mother tongue is basically when you will talk on everyday basis and how you would talk in your home or to your friends.

As the students enter the classroom, the teacher ask the students to introduce them selves by telling her their name, major, the year they are in and what was their favorite part of the summer. I was the first student to introduce myself,

Me: Hi! My name is Tishaina Hinton

Teacher: What is your major?

Me: I’m a nursing major.

Teacher: What year are you in?

Me: I’m a junior

Hinton 3

Teacher: And what was your favorite part of the summer?

Me: I would say my favorite part of the summer, would have been when my family and I went our family vacation to Wisconsin Dells.

Teacher: Oh OK, that was nice. Glad to hear you really enjoyed yourself.

In the article Bryn Mawr Commencement Address (1986) by Ursula K. Le Guin he states in his article that “Our schools and colleges, institutions of the patriarchy, generally teach us to listen to people in power, men or women speaking the father tongue” (Le Guin 5). This is an example how you would use father tongue when using professional language. Youn can see the difference between mother tongue and father tongue, when we are speaking in society within your friends or if you were talking on a business professional level.

A Fun Day In Miami!

It’s an early Saturday morning, I wake up feeling a breeze fly through my window. As I stretch my arms getting up out my bed, I hear the birds chirping outside my bedroom balcony.  I walk outside onto my balcony and I smell the beach water, and hear the waves coming my way onto the sand. It’s so hot outside I can melt like a chocolate bar. It was the year of 2021, and I couldn’t ask for anything better but to spend it with family, and friends.  I had the whole day planned out for us, I wanted to make sure that I showed them a great vacation because I knew my family and friends never been in Miami before. I was so EXCITED! I felt like I haven’t seen them in years. Later on that afternoon I picked them up from the airport around 1:45 pm. Everyone was so excited and yelling, and saying how nice the town was. We finally made it back to my house, I showed them around my house and told them to start getting ready I had some things planned for us today. After everyone got dressed, we all was ready to go with our bikini’s, and swimming trunks on. South beach here we come! I love the feeling with sand between my toes and the waves moving onto the sand. The music is loud on the beach everyone dancing, relaxing, and enjoying their selves. I’m laying in the sand under my umbrella as it sticks in the sand with my sun glasses on, while the family is playing volleyball having the time of their life. It’s almost time to eat lunch, I packed a very good and healthy lunch that included Ham and cheese hoagy sandwiches, fruit, different variety of chips, juice, pop, and more. I remember when I was younger and my parents use to take us to the park that use to be me and my siblings favorite lunches to eat if we use to go on family trips liketo  the parks, zoo, or to the beach. I called my family and my two best friends over so we can eat. As they sit down and say grace a strange lady walks over, and I ask her how can I help you?


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