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About tolstoy6

I love to read classic literature, especially Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky because of how it makes a person think. I come across as a shy person but once you get to know me I am anything but. I like to stay active and keep busy because time lost cannot be regained. I wish that I could be an author and have the ability to inspire people through literature or just help them forget reality for a bit.

Blast from the Past?

I’ve just gotten into the terminal to take off for my flight to Mexico. It has finally hit me that I am leaving for six months and will essentially be cut off from the world I know til 2022. Why am I helping these people I don’t know? I wish I could talk to Mr. Hostert since he helped talk me into going the first time back in 2009. I’m starting to feel nervous then I see a face that I have not seen in twelve years but could never forget. I approach this man excitedly yet cautiously because this feels like a dream that just cannot be true. I make eye contact with him and he stares right through me as if I am some sort of glass window. I finally reach him and ask, “Mr. Hostert? Aren’t you dead?” This mystery man looks me in the eye for what feels like an eternity and responds, “I’m Mr. Hostert, but I’m not Dave Hostert. I’m his younger brother, Kevin.” I stared bewildered as all the hope just deflates out of me rapidly and feels like someone is crushing me with a weight. Am I going crazy before the flight? Why am I going?


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