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my name is Latrice and i am a pre med major theater and dance minor. i have a three year old son who i love to piece.

Artifact1….Cosmetology and Society

Latrice Johnson

According to the U.S. Board of Labor statistics, 825,000 people work in the cosmetology industry as barbers, skin-care specialists, hair stylists and nail technicians. Why is the cosmetology field so important in society? What does this field tell us about ourselves as individuals? “Our desire for physical beauty is an original human feeling, like the desire for food, nurturing, or happiness. Just as those other things drive us toward survival, physical beauty is programmed into our brains as a means of staying alive and furthering our family line”. Are we as people obsessed with our image and thought of being glamorous? I don’t think so, having your own unique style is important it helps you stand out it show that you are an individual

I feel like we as people have that need to be unique and different. Wither it is our hair cut style or color we all have that need and want to present our own personality. The beauty culture is so popular because that’s what they do. They help you achieve that look and feeling that you want. They help you create your own since of style when it comes to your hair. NO hair cut, color or style is going to look the same on a person.

We all want our own style and we are always in search of something new or something different, “Cosmetologists still are considered important in society today as they continue to train and learn to create a number of styles and looks that the average individual may not be able to perform herself”. If you came to a job interview and it looks like you just rolled out of bed compared to a person that looks the part with their hair done and makeup on. The person that looks the most presentable is more likely going to get the job. Cosmetology and society go hand in hand, “Aside from hair styling, cosmetologists can also specialize in nail design, skin care or makeup applications”. Cosmetology is part of your personal health if you get sick you go see a doctor. If you hair is too long, or is damaged you go see a cosmetologist.

I propose that the beauty culture will continue to rise and stay in demand in society as they continue to learn. Everyone has that need and wants to look beautiful and presentable. Cosmetology is important to society because this is an industry that gives the people what they want.

Artifact2….Science and Religion

Latrice Johnson

Religion and science are two powerful subjects in the world today. Many people believe in a higher being that created this world. Then we have science that can contradict our beliefs with evolution and open our minds to a whole new outlook on the world. These two subjects are different but can be somehow tied together.  In, “Apocalypse Now,” the writer starts off by grabbing the reader’s attention by addressing the reader to someone that we all have high respect for and that is, Pastor. This gives the reader trust that they can believe in his information and what he’s saying.

The argument for this article is that we need to take a stand and really help the environment because it’s only getting worse as technology and time progress. Science and religion need to find a way to meet in the middle of their issues. Although there issues can contradict one another there is always a way to meet in the middle. Wilson focused on a religious aspect because that’s the one thing that many can relate to and by knowing that pastor is mutual and that many look onto a pastor as a high power. He is saying, hey you’re high and powerful so you should also use it to an advantage to save the environment so that the world won’t lose all the necessary assets.  We are all here on earth together so it is only right that we put our differences aside and unite to save human life.

            Wilson says, “The Creation-Living nature-is in deep trouble,”  and he continues to emphasis the Creation, coming across as that’s what every religion is known for the world to be, something that God created regardless of what everyone’s different God is. Basically it seems like he’s trying to say that because you’re “God” made the “Creation” this gives you more reason to want to help save the environment. If we’re talking about improving life on earth then what is the issue, “An alliance between science and religion, forged in an atmosphere of mutual respect, may be the only way to protect life on earth, including, in the end, our own.” Sometimes it is hard to come to a resolution when neither side is willing to bend or meet each other half way, “The solution to the problems of both depends on the recognition that each depends on the other.” Once both of these sides come to this realization then they will be able to come together and compromise.

            Wilson is saying how even though there of two different people from completely different aspects about life they should be able to come together and make a change. This is where he first tries to install the reader’s trust especially by letting us know that this letter is addressed to a pastor someone of high authority because people listen to him. It then goes to say, “You may be wrong; I may be wrong. We both may be partly right.” This is saying yes we either may have different views or think differently about doing certain things yet we still can be right someone and this may bring us together. He later says, “The fact is that environmental activists cannot succeed without you and your followers as allies” which mean he can’t do it alone he needs more people who is willing to help and without the Pastor stepping in and telling his people “his followers” to come on let’s help out the environment, nothing will change.

Wilson says that he’s an biologist and a winner of National Medal of Science and right there says that, this is a reliable source so I’ll trust what the writer is saying to me.

            They both have that love for the creation despite their different vies, “science and religion wax and wane in the minds of men, there remains the earthborn yet transcendental obligation we are both morally bound to share”. He continues and goes into depth talking about all the things that we know and love will be gone and or destroyed and the time is now to change. No matter the religion you are, everyone is able to help make a difference which is what he’s trying to enforce.


Latrice Johnson

  “Tattoos are created by inserting colored materials beneath the skins surface. The skin is penetrated with a sharp tool. Today colored ink and an electric needle are the material and instrument of choice.   Today the practice is popular with a vast cross section of the population. Within the United States tattoos can be found on individuals ranging from gang member to fashion models.” It seems like everyone I know has a tattoo. Tattoos have been around for a long time but do people who have tattoos now have them for the same reason as the people in the past. Or is it just a trend that everyone is doing today. I think that tattoos where used for other things back in the day but todays society its simply a trend Even though tattoos are sometimes viewed as unprofessional and offensive, tattoos are just a form of art. I do not have anything against body art I think that most of it is creative. Tattoos are way to show your uniqueness. The only reason I don’t have a tattoo is because I am very indecisive and I will probably hate it and want something else in a couple of months. I like to think that I stand out because I don’t have a tattoo I think it says something about my personality. There are many different reasons why people get tattoos. In ancient times tattoos were mainly used as status symbols, amulets, and signs of religion. Now days they are mainly used as a form of expression, a way to show their individuality,

Reflection 104

Latrice Johnson

Throughout this semester I have had to write articles that gave me a voice and generated an argument or clam. Before I stared this class I was thinking that the only reader, or audience, would be mainly my teacher. This class helped me realize the many steps that are involved in the writing process from free writing, drafts, peer reviews to making a final paper. In order to create a good paper you need organize your ideas. I think that organization can sometimes be one of my weaknesses as a writer.

In my first encounter “Insane Video Bloggers” my thoughts and ideas where all over the place. I think that the overall essay was interesting but my purpose was not clear. I had so many thoughts and ideas that I kind of just jammed them all together. After taking this class I realize the importance of organization and I also realize what needs to be in an essay and what doesn’t. I need to make my purpose clear so that my audience will be able to follow and understand what I am talking about.

I have improved in my writing I think that the feedback from my peers and my teacher have helped me with my writing this semester. There comments and ideas helped me see the flaws in writing. It also gave me a new out look on writing. Before I was just writing just because I was told that I had to. Now I take the subject that is given and I try to think about how I can relate this to my audience. In my article two “Science and Religion” I think that I related with my audience because I tried to use ethos, pathos logos. These concepts have helped me to draw my reader in and help them understand where I am coming from as a writer.

Even though I’ve made progress I feel there is always room for improvement.
Using multiple drafts helped me so I don’t overlook minor and major mistakes. Before I didn’t not understand the importance of having someone else to revise my papers. The most valuable lesson I have learned about the writing process this semester is mostly editing and revising
drafts to lead to a perfect final paper.

Posting my work online for a lager reading audience made me nervous. I have never been a blogger before and normally when I write something I like to keep it to myself or between my teacher and my class room peers. Knowing that my work was going to be online for everyone to see changed my writing process. For all of my encounters I tried to brainstorm ideas and concepts so that my readers would fully understand where I was coming from. I enjoyed the comments that I received from my peers. They gave me ideas and compliments. They showed me a different view of things and gave me ideas on how to enhance my details in my writing.

I over all enjoyed this class I feel like I learned a lot about writing and about myself as a writer. The only regret that I have is that I missed a lot because of personal reasons involving my child. I did retain a lot of the information from the classes that I did attend and I feel like they will be useful in my future classes.  





The Connection

In Eve Ensler’s article “Ted Talk” she talks about her body and her identity and compares it to the world. She talks about her struggle to acknowledge her body and her connection to society. She stated “Me was a floating head”. This statement is very interesting because what is a head without a body and vice versa. I believe that everyone goes through points in their lives where they question who they are and where they belong in the world.

In the beginning of the article she says, “I only existed in the trying. My body was often in the way”. Past experiences can leave us feeling disconnected. They can leave us feeling unsure about certain decisions. It is up to us to not only use our heads but our body’s as well. We can put our thoughts into action using every aspect of our body’s and our resources around us. Once Ensler discovered this she was no longer just a head. “I became a driven person, a driven vagina”.

I think that it is important for women to have that self-confidence and know who they are and know there worth. It is important to love and take care of yourself. Pay attention to not only your wants but your needs as well. Listen to your body. No one is invincible although we may feel that way at times. When Ensler got cancer it was then that she realized that her body was not a machine.

“Suddenly, my cancer was a cancer that was everywhere”. I feel like cancer was a wakeup call. I think it brought her to the realization that her body and the world where connected. I think that she finally started to realize that she wasn’t on her own or separate from the world. “I know that everything is connected, and the scar that runs the length of my torso is the marking of the earthquake”.

Sometimes we caught up in ourselves and I think it is important to realize that we are not alone in this world. Everyone has a different plan and a different path for a reason. Everyone has a story and trials and tribulations. I feel like because Ensler went through her trials it helped her open her eyes. She can now see that what she does today could impact someone tomorrow. “It was finding my place and the huge responsibility that comes with connection”.




Insane Video Bloggers

Blogging takes time and commitment. People are uploading videos by the hour. Talking about a new subject or responding to a request or comment from a subscriber or future subscriber. After watching a video you can chose to leave a comment but you must first register with you tube. Scanning through the comments of the videos I watched I noticed positive and some negative comments.

While I was on, I came across lots of different blogs. I believe that you can find anything that you want or need to know through a YouTube video blog. Step by step, instructions about Weight loss to weight gain, hairstyles, makeup applications to teaching your child how to tie their toes and ECT. These people take time out of their daily lives to make videos that they think are interesting to videos that others my request of them.

While going through the many blogs that I came across, I notice that not every video blogs is the same. People have their own unique style of presenting their topic. Some used music to catch the attention of their watcher. Many others used special effects with design and color. Majority like to use music or pictures to grab their subscriber or future subscribers.

I watched a good amount of videos and I think that if you are good at something and you want to share your talent or skill or just simply your thoughts on something a video blog is a good way to do it. I am a visual learner so seeing the process of something rather than just reading it helps me out a whole lot more. I would rather watch a video on a topic then to read about it. I think it depends on what you are interested in.

I found some video blogs to be boring and just horrible. I also saw some to be very interesting and amusing. What makes a good video blog?  What makes a bad one? Well I like to think that only you can answer that question because not everyone is the same. I may love music you may hate it. I think that it just depends on a person’s interest.


My Life

Ten years have passed and I am still a mother. Two boys age thirteen and the lucky number seven. The only thing that has changed is that I am a working mom and the wife of a loving supporting man. Being the only girl in a house full of boys can be crazy at times but I am making plans for a third child and hope and pray for a baby girl. At the age of 33 not all my dreams and ambitions have come true, but I like to think that they are still a work in progress. Life is interesting in the year 2021. I am a pediatrician and love every bit of my job. family has always been a very important aspect in my life. I feel great to know that I can support and create a stable living environment for us.


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