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Artifact 1: Alice in Wonderhell

Sometimes it’s not what is at the end of the tunnel that matters, it’s the journey to get there. But other times, the prize at the end of the journey greatly outweighs the climb, or fall for this matter. This was one of those times. I decided to take a leap of faith into Scott McCloud. After all, Cloud is the epitome of Final Fantasy, and I couldn’t help but relate my nerdy ways to a last name.

I start falling into what looks like a bland website, a rather boring hole. It was too professional for my taste: the font, the background, the topics, everything. Except for that peculiar title conveniently placed in the upper left corner of my eye. “Web comics” was as close to my life as anything on this website could get. So I pried open this portal to fall into the most eye-catching portal of all: Chess. It was actually titled, “My Obsession with Chess.” It was one of those titles that wasn’t bigger than the rest, nor did it have any crazy colors or displacement. And yet, I was drawn to it because this portal, this title, is and has been a big aspect of my life.

And so came the hard landing. Normally when you land from an epic fall, you wipe your hands clean, claim your prize, and wake up. But I just landed on a chess board. I just landed into my life. It wasn’t the end of a rabbit hole, just the beginning. And so came the utterly long web comic of a man who has devoted his life and sanity into Chess. And this web comic was true as well, and because of that realism, I fell down another rabbit hole. I started sympathizing with this man’s life, because I stumbled upon a reflection of me.

Like him, I was bullied in elementary school. I too, had a growing obsession that nearly drove me to an insanity. But we were both just playing a game; one simple board game. And that’s the funny thing about Chess: it’s a mind game. It’s a game of trickery, deception, and strategy. Sound familiar? It should, because you are living it. We are all playing this game of Chess, this game of life. After all, in life, we make decisions about every move we make. And once we lose everything, once we give up, we die. This man and myself have been free-falling since we first understood Chess, and not just the cute little rules. We’ve been falling, and can’t seem to stop. Maybe because Chess lovers are peculiar little devils, always asking questions, and always being vulnerable to insanity. But that’s the beauty of insanity: there is always a genius stuck in there.

And that’s what I realized about this man at the very end of the web comic. It was as if he just revealed the ending to his life, and made me question everything he said. And once I read that very last, very bizarre sentence, I accelerated back up. Not back to my point of origin, but back to reality. The reality that we are always falling through rabbit holes.

As I Warped Through The Fabric Of Space…

I couldn’t help but realize how much this world has changed from ten years ago.  Every physical and chemical property worked in unity:  gravity, electromagnetism, relativity, you name it.  Now, throw everything you ever knew about space and time out the window because this world has become a chaotic mess.  Planets of a mind boggling mass are flying around, microscopic atoms are being inflated like balloons, and stars are collapsing like a thousand big bangs.  Of course, I shudder to look down to see the very fabric that once served as a calming resting place for planets to spin on, has become the biggest trampoline ever to exist.  Upon closer inspection, I see tears in this fabric that are growing into enormous black holes; sucking in everything within a large radius.  One hole directly below me seems to be the biggest of all:  a super massive black hole.  As I am being pulled into its current, so are most of the other celestial bodies that once accompanied the universe.  I see nothing but darkness on the way down as I try to dodge my surroundings.  I close my eyes as an asteroid is about to hit me…
“Honey, Honey!  Are you ok?”


“You seemed to be dreaming sweetie.”

“Oh…what year is it by the way?”

“Why, it’s 2021.”


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