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The Hockey Boys

“Dude did you just see my dangle out there on that bender?” To someone outside of the hockey community these words sound like someone had a few too many at the bars. However, to the hockey community these words make perfect sense. Different groups seem to have different meanings to words. They all have their slang words, and their meanings to common words such and dangle or bender. I have been a part of the hockey community since I was three years old. I know most, if not all of the slang words that us hockey guys use. To many people, even parents, we probably sound like idiots; however, we actually just have our own language

            Common hockey words include biscuit, tendy, twig, siv, top shelf, bender, dangle, scrap, garbage, etc. Even penalties can be considered to be hockey language. For example, spearing, interference, delay of game, etc. all of these worlds have different meanings than in a normal life situation. Ten years ago these, I don’t recall ever using some of the slang words, but it seems that as hockey advances more words come up. You can pretty much say that our English language, because we don’t use words such as thou or thy anymore.

            Most of the hockey slang words have obvious meanings. For example a twig is a hockey stick. Because hockey sticks used to be made out of wood, we call them twigs. We often use twig when we ask “Hey bud is that a new twig?” Others are more difficult to define; like bender. A bender is a player who basically is bad, or can’t skate. It originates from when people begin to skate, their ankles tend to bend in. We often use bender when we are trying to talk smack out on the ice by saying “You better tape up those ankles you bender! I was skating all over you!”  A biscuit is a hockey puck. From the bench, we often tell our teammates to “Shoot the biscuit!” Tendy and siv refer to the goalies. A tendy is a goalie, while a siv is a goalie that lets a lot of goals in. Tendy comes from the word goaltender, which is the official name for a goalie.  Someone who uses these words may say, “That tendy is a siv. Everything is going in.” Probably the most common of all hockey words is dangle. It seems like in today’s era of hockey, more players are doings more moves. When a player pulls of a sweet move or juke with the puck, it is called a dangle. This word comes from when someone dangles something out in front of you, then quickly pulls it back; however, in hockey you make the defender think he will take the puck from you, then quickly move the other way.

            As hockey continues to evolve, more and more words will arise. In return, some words will be discarded. Every group has their own “secret” language. The hockey language is unique because of the fact that for each word there is a root to it.

No pain No game

Today we are use to see things, and the only thing we see is the final result and forget about the effort that is putted back it. It doesn’t matter what we are talking about, if it’s a television show, a movie, sports, theater, dance… we are used to see a performance and most of people aren’t able to see the effort that people putted on it. For instance soccer is a sport that haven’t really reached the heart of Americans completely. I come from Spain, probably the best soccer nation today. Since I was a little kid I loved kicking the ball around everywhere I went. At the age of 7 I started playing for a club. I was doing that for fun but soon I realized something, I had more fun when I won. There’s only a way to win, being better than your opponent. That is something you learn when you are a little kid, you learn about it, you learn to want it and you learn how to get it. Since that age, I have been working hard everyday. I learned something. The conditions don’t matter. It doesn’t matter if it snows, it doesn’t matter if you have a headache, and it doesn’t matter if you have no one to kick the ball with. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you took that little extra that separates the good from the best.

Reflection of English 104

English 104 is a class, which I know was going to challenge me this semester. Yes, it’s a class that challenges me a lot difference ways. Many type of genres of writing styles, which I have put all my effect doing the work. I should have put myself even more. I have improvement my English as academic level, but I still got put a lot more effort. I have to done a lot of revise my paper, which I feel really help me out. One paper that gives me problem was my article 1 ” language”, because it was assignment which I didn’t do my great effect. I didn’t do well because my grammar wasn’t good. Grammar is my big challenge, but I have to still work on. Continue reading

Same Story, Alternate View

Caught my eye with only a glimpse I’m drawn in so easily

With all the colors and the exciting great pics

I click on what excites me


It’s so much to do and to see I easily get distracted

I struggle through and find my way, yet

It’s too much already


I think to myself, why is this blog so amusing?

And I’m only pulled in by the graphics

There’s got to be more to this


I spoke to fast and there it was, there was actually too much going on

I exit out fast and dash back to my home

And now I’m very content here

I tried to explore other options

And now I see that other blog sites are not for me

Our blog site suits me just fine ;)

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Revealing the Secrets

My research topic is about fast food and college students. Food, of course is very common in our culture and can be shared and made very differently depending on where you’re from yet people have different reactions when eating it. The people who seem to have the most reactions to food are college students. Have you ever heard of the freshmen 15? This is usually the amount a new college student gains in weight when entering college because for some reason food affects college students a great deal. Why do college students gain weight all of a sudden? What’s different now that’s not the same before? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Let’s try and get to the bottom of this.

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The Other Blog

My experience with other blogs brings to my attention how different blogs can be and how other blogs interact. Looking at caravanserai tales and comparing it to our blog site shows me how different other blogs are and sometimes makes me think that our blog site is still better. When I first arrived on the blog site I noticed that everything had a date on it which to me seems very organized because of the pattern of it. As I continue to search through the site I noticed that everything was really in order and that tells me that it’s really plain because there’s nothing that’s really popping out and trying to grab your attention.  That’s one thing I can say about our blog site is that the colors and the scattered information brings a great deal of detail to our site and makes you want to search through it.

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Rap in Society

To start off, my research topic was rap music and music making. Nowadays, the rap game is absolutely amazing and I love it. I feel as if rap is evolving constantly and the new school is sort of intertwining with the old fashioned sense of style. It’s so interesting because no music is ever the same and new trends just keep on being created with all different sounds, paces, rhythms, etc. My major argument for my final project will basically be how rap music is seen in many different lights. Nowadays, society is always looking for the negative attributes first before looking for any sign of good whatsoever and that is a big problem. Music plays a very important in my life and I take it very seriously. When I hear about all of the negative things that are said about rapping and how it is “killing” our youth, I get so mad because these opinions are mainly coming from the individuals who have minimal knowledge of rap music. Although I disagree with this outlook, these are the views that people are going to listen to because this is what is fed to them every day. One person can say that rap is all about violence and that it’s killing our world and sure enough, others will believe them and instantly begin to hate this wonderful form of art. In reality, rapping is a way of expressing what you cannot say in the average tongue and it is people like rappers who ACTUALLY change the world. No matter what people believe, music is what connects this planet. Music is everywhere and always will be, just like rap. It is nonstop evolution at its finest.

Real. Be it.

Since I’ve been home sick, I have been doing so much thinking that it’s overwhelming. I have so much time to myself that it’s hard to keep from taking that time to reflect on yourself and who you really are. Since sophomore year of high school, I have had to grow up faster than anyone I know. At the end of sophomore year, my dad had left my family after taking all of our money and leaving my three brothers, my mom, and I with over four hundred thousand dollars in debt. What hurt the most was that my father was my best friend when I was much younger and I loved being around him all the time. Just as the seasons do, everybody changes sometime, whether it is for good or bad. Around this time last year, I was working three jobs while attending school at Northeastern Illinois University. I was working ridiculous hours to the point where I was pulling all-nighters at least twice a week so that I could finish my homework for school. I would have to work from 3 pm until 3 am every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at a banquet hall so that I could help my mom pay the mortgage and buy food for me and my brothers. The situation that my family was put in was one that nobody in this world deserves. It became so rough at one point that I made a decision that put my entire future in jeopardy. Because my family was struggling so much, I began hanging out with a very dangerous crowd in order to make more money than I was already making from my jobs. To make a long story short, I found myself stuck in situations that I knew had to get myself away from.

Once that part in my life was over, I began shaping my life to how I wanted. I promised myself that I would go to school, get good grades, and make something of myself. Ever since that day ended, I have had this mentality that I know is going to keep me moving forward in my life no matter what. After making up my mind and realizing my true goals in life, I finally had found myself. I found that I have so much more to offer to the world than working for minimum wage and getting into trouble all the time. I want to make people feel good about both themselves and the world around them because in my eyes, this life is beautiful. This world is full of real people and those are the people in your life that are going to rub off on you in a positive way. As of right now, I am attending my second year of college in hopes of becoming a special educator. I have a very tight knit group of friends who I love and care for with my life and I know that somewhere in the future, there’s something waiting for me. I love everything about my place in this world at the moment and there’s only one thing that I know I have to do in order for me to fulfill my dream of the future. Keep it real.

Only Jettin Forward: Pt. 2


Im just walkin out my back door

Southern California.

2021, and my school aint too far from ya

Make a clap, give me hands, man i gotta be impressed

Hard Working, makin’ money, im just livin’ like the best

He’s a Special Educator…….

Wifeys on Grade A, her

Man just got his pa-per

To schools he is a Savior

Make music with his homeboys

Eyes wide like Home-Alone Boy

Buy a ticket, Kick Back

Relax and watch the show boy


Instrumental: Twanbeatmaker- 1st Place Banger (Google)

Michael Vick: An Idol? More like a Criminal

Nothing can justify what Michael Vick did. Michael Vick also can never make up for what he did. In the encounter “Michael Vick an Idol,” Vick was said to have a positive representation on America and American culture. While some points may be absolutely positive, the encounter lacks a negative representation about fan fascination.            

            It is sad that we as Americans put athletes like Vick on a pedestal because of raw talent. We often times forget about how the player carries themselves off the field. For example, Kobe Bryant was a part of a rape scandal. To stop the negative image, all he had to do was change his number and start winning championships. Also Ben Roethlisberger was a part of a rape scandal. He also was involved in a motorcycle crash. As soon as he starting winning championships, everyone was on the Big Ben bandwagon and praised the man. Now we get to Michael Vick. Vick drowned dogs, beat them to death, electrocuted them, and basically tortured them; however, not that he playing at a high level on the field we are idolizing and praising him? How could people idolize a man who took part in such evil practices? It is because Americans are too fascinated with sports.

            America’s fascination with sports allows fans to idolize these controversial individuals. This may teach children that sports and fame make them untouchable. America’s desperate need for sports is a negative attribute of our culture. All we care about is winning, and if our team wins, we forget the negative events that happened prior. 


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