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The Hockey Boys

“Dude did you just see my dangle out there on that bender?” To someone outside of the hockey community these words sound like someone had a few too many at the bars. However, to the hockey community these words make perfect sense. Different groups seem to have different meanings to words. They all have their slang words, and their meanings to common words such and dangle or bender. I have been a part of the hockey community since I was three years old. I know most, if not all of the slang words that us hockey guys use. To many people, even parents, we probably sound like idiots; however, we actually just have our own language

            Common hockey words include biscuit, tendy, twig, siv, top shelf, bender, dangle, scrap, garbage, etc. Even penalties can be considered to be hockey language. For example, spearing, interference, delay of game, etc. all of these worlds have different meanings than in a normal life situation. Ten years ago these, I don’t recall ever using some of the slang words, but it seems that as hockey advances more words come up. You can pretty much say that our English language, because we don’t use words such as thou or thy anymore.

            Most of the hockey slang words have obvious meanings. For example a twig is a hockey stick. Because hockey sticks used to be made out of wood, we call them twigs. We often use twig when we ask “Hey bud is that a new twig?” Others are more difficult to define; like bender. A bender is a player who basically is bad, or can’t skate. It originates from when people begin to skate, their ankles tend to bend in. We often use bender when we are trying to talk smack out on the ice by saying “You better tape up those ankles you bender! I was skating all over you!”  A biscuit is a hockey puck. From the bench, we often tell our teammates to “Shoot the biscuit!” Tendy and siv refer to the goalies. A tendy is a goalie, while a siv is a goalie that lets a lot of goals in. Tendy comes from the word goaltender, which is the official name for a goalie.  Someone who uses these words may say, “That tendy is a siv. Everything is going in.” Probably the most common of all hockey words is dangle. It seems like in today’s era of hockey, more players are doings more moves. When a player pulls of a sweet move or juke with the puck, it is called a dangle. This word comes from when someone dangles something out in front of you, then quickly pulls it back; however, in hockey you make the defender think he will take the puck from you, then quickly move the other way.

            As hockey continues to evolve, more and more words will arise. In return, some words will be discarded. Every group has their own “secret” language. The hockey language is unique because of the fact that for each word there is a root to it.

No pain No game

Today we are use to see things, and the only thing we see is the final result and forget about the effort that is putted back it. It doesn’t matter what we are talking about, if it’s a television show, a movie, sports, theater, dance… we are used to see a performance and most of people aren’t able to see the effort that people putted on it. For instance soccer is a sport that haven’t really reached the heart of Americans completely. I come from Spain, probably the best soccer nation today. Since I was a little kid I loved kicking the ball around everywhere I went. At the age of 7 I started playing for a club. I was doing that for fun but soon I realized something, I had more fun when I won. There’s only a way to win, being better than your opponent. That is something you learn when you are a little kid, you learn about it, you learn to want it and you learn how to get it. Since that age, I have been working hard everyday. I learned something. The conditions don’t matter. It doesn’t matter if it snows, it doesn’t matter if you have a headache, and it doesn’t matter if you have no one to kick the ball with. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you took that little extra that separates the good from the best.

Too Far with Technology

On the Caravanserai webpage I found myself browsing for a few minutes, just scrolling up and down the page looking to read other college level students express themselves.  Before long I looked at the clock and found forty – five minutes quickly lost, due to the interesting pieces of information and opinions plastered all over the cite.

            One area that particularly drew me in was the post of the robot youtube video which received many comments.  I wanted to pull away from reading all the comments and posts this video caused but I truly was not able to stop reading.  Every single conversation between cleverbot and my fellow student classmates, which was left as a comment, was read by me.  Each one caught my curiosity, with our classmates taking stabs and coming up with witty responses for the AI system, and with the cleverbot creating no sensible replies to frustrate the real humans talking to it.  The whole situation constructed through this interactive system was quite amusing and entertaining.  On a few instances, I found myself literally laughing out loud, but that was just one interesting piece that caught my eye.

            Another fixation from the website that really forced me to start thinking is how we can have a completely technology based curriculum in a college setting.  Personally, I am not fond of the idea altogether, but assignments are addressed and posted through a website and there is little human interaction at all.  The robotic system talking to us students is too farfetched to think about, while being at a university practically taking an entire course online, but still being required to attend a classroom setting.

Reflection: A Race To A Successful Finish

Although I feel like this semester went by ridiculously fast, I can easily look back and see that I gained a lot more knowledge about how to write correctly than I thought I would. Coming into English 104, I was very confident with my writing because I had always gotten good grades on my essays throughout high school and my first year of college, including on my ACT test. When I saw the syllabus and saw that we were working with a blog website, I instantly thought of the short blogs that I was required to do last year at Northeastern Illinois and I was sure that it would be a breeze because they were very short. I was wrong, but not at all disappointed. I love to write and writing has basically been my thing since I was younger so I couldn’t wait to see what we were actually going to be writing about.

I remember the first couple days of the semester when we did our very first encounter. We had to write about where we see ourselves in the year 2021.  I was interested in a heartbeat because I love writing about the future, so I wrote “I walk out of my back door on the beach of Southern California. I am a very hard working and passionate educator that loves to help children who cannot always help themselves.” along with me having a beautiful wife and other luxuries. I could write about it for days. My personal mentality has everything to do with what I am going to be doing next. I am the type of person that is always looking to make moves and excel every day of my life if I get the chance. That includes learning more and taking constructive criticism on my so called “perfect” writing. After my first couple encounters and short essays, I realized that my past good grades were definitely not transitioning as smoothly as the move here. I would post my papers on gateways and I would receive all super nice and general comments from my classmates because in reality, nobody is going to say anything too critical. What’s different about me is that it is critique that made me as mature as I am today and although I may not like it sometimes, I always pull through. The only person who would actually criticize my writing was Kimberly Volmer, which was my instructor.

By reading the comments and markings on my graded papers, I began to realize what my English teacher actually wanted me to do. The one comment that seriously stuck in my head when I read it was the comment that was made in light of my uncertainty in my writing sometimes. It said “Write like your 100% right. Be YOURSELF!” That’s when I finally just let loose and wrote my next paper exactly how I would if I were talking to one of my friends about something that I felt strongly about and I have to say that it was so much easier to go about. After a week of complete anxiety, I got my short essay back and on it, was a “B+”.  I was so relieved that I had done as well as I did. I started to notice that my writing had gotten a lot smoother with its wording and it seemed more, well, real. Even the comments on gateways were getting more detailed showing that that feeling of connection between writer and reader was finally there. One example of my writing that I am actually proud of is my third encounter about creative blogging when I say, “The audience is looking for some “UMPH”, not just a Microsoft Word document. The color scheme and the imagination put into something like this can sometimes be as important as the writing itself because if you lack creativity in your work, your actual writing might not even be looked at by a passer-by. The design of your site also plays a big part of ethos in rhetorical writing. In my eyes, the design could be a “self venting” exercise that reflects the kind of person that you are. Depending on the creativity shown, your personality might come out more than you thought it would and the audience will most likely enjoy reading your blog a lot more.” The biggest difference I saw was the tone in my papers. I had this sort of overconfidence in my writing that wasn’t yet cockiness and I absolutely loved it. I felt like my opinion was put out so much stronger than it ever was before and it felt amazing. I wasn’t afraid to state my complete opinion.

Seeing all of this difference in my writing was such a good thing for me and I’m so glad that I finally “came out of my shell” when it came to my writing. I realized this when I would look at my older essays and see that they were pretty bland and tasteless. To be honest, whenever I would write papers in high school, I would use as many intelligent words as I could think of when I would explain myself and it would make my writing really confusing. A perfect example of my “father tongue” is the very first sentences of my first article that I had written when I write “Ones idea of self can be approached with many definitions. The differences that come with individuality are what make a person unique in their own way. It is the mixture of individual characteristics that make a person who they are whether their distinct anatomy of self is being judged by a random person in society or by their own outlook on themselves.” Let’s just say I wrote like I was trying to write for the president. It’s pretty bad. This basically gave me a reality check with my writing because after seeing all of the progress, it gave me a reason why my peers were so general with me when commenting on gateways. The feedback was general because my writing was general and I can easily give credit to my entire class for playing a big part in the transformation of my writing skills.

Although my writing has gotten so much better, I still have some flaws in my new and improved style. The problems that I find in my writing are mainly minor mistakes such as using run on sentences and kind of “beating around the bush” in a sense. I always catch myself babbling on and on about a point that I am trying to make when in reality, I just need to say what I want to say. I finally came to the conclusion that talking about what you want to say is much harder than just saying it, so now, that is exactly what I do.  I am still working on my excessive use of “big words” in my writing and I have to say that it is at an all time low. I still tend to zone in sometimes and write like a president but most of the time I catch myself before it gets too out of hand. In my opinion, there is not much more to change about my writing and I can’t wait for my writing to be as good as it can possibly be.

Since my change in writing, I have noticed that both the assertiveness and confidence in my papers are now the two stronger factors in my writing for a change. I find it so weird how the areas that I struggled in with my past writing are now my stronger points. For some reason I feel as if my writing actually makes a connection with the readers now. No more general tones or super fancy words because now I recognize how superior my writing can be without trying to sound smarter than I really am. Being myself is really all I need. Taking that person who I truly am inside and putting it into my writing was probably the best decision I could have made because not only has my writing progressed, but it is so much easier for me to write papers now due to the fact that I see it as me just talking. That’s it. Whatever I feel like saying, I can say, and nobody can tell me that I’m wrong. What I feel is what I write and that is what makes me love writing so much more nowadays. Thank you English 104. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Michael Vick: An Idol? More like a Criminal

Nothing can justify what Michael Vick did. Michael Vick also can never make up for what he did. In the encounter “Michael Vick an Idol,” Vick was said to have a positive representation on America and American culture. While some points may be absolutely positive, the encounter lacks a negative representation about fan fascination.            

            It is sad that we as Americans put athletes like Vick on a pedestal because of raw talent. We often times forget about how the player carries themselves off the field. For example, Kobe Bryant was a part of a rape scandal. To stop the negative image, all he had to do was change his number and start winning championships. Also Ben Roethlisberger was a part of a rape scandal. He also was involved in a motorcycle crash. As soon as he starting winning championships, everyone was on the Big Ben bandwagon and praised the man. Now we get to Michael Vick. Vick drowned dogs, beat them to death, electrocuted them, and basically tortured them; however, not that he playing at a high level on the field we are idolizing and praising him? How could people idolize a man who took part in such evil practices? It is because Americans are too fascinated with sports.

            America’s fascination with sports allows fans to idolize these controversial individuals. This may teach children that sports and fame make them untouchable. America’s desperate need for sports is a negative attribute of our culture. All we care about is winning, and if our team wins, we forget the negative events that happened prior. 

“Encounter 4″ Reinvention of Intro Encounter, a more Informal approach…

Yes indeed, I have chosen to start speaking of my future and plans in the year of 2020. Why start speaking of my future in the year 2020, you might be asking yourself? Well, its simple the teacher chose that date and I simply have no option. If it were up to me i would have chosen to start speaking of my future now. I am currently a Finance major at the univeristy of Northern Illinois. My grades are pretty solid, a 3.0 and above gpa. Where I see myself in two years, is graduating. Yes, I said graduating. Is’nt that the goal in life? Having an education is a main priority and not forgetting a neccesity. We all have illusions of graduating finding a job and making money. The american dream/ihabitants of the United States have a mentality that life is about luxuries and life is emasured by the things we have. Well in my case that is wrong, a total fail. Life isin’t about the m,aterial things we have. For me life is about being happy and enjoying the presence of those around you, not forgetting that we are only temporary to this planet. I always ask myself, “what if by the time I graduate I dont find a job in my field”? What do I do then, right? Well life is short and why not enjoy it, volunteer,explore the world, go back to school? Well my plan for my near future is graduate in the next two/half years. Dreams dont usually come true right out of college, unless hired by a great company with maximum benefits, well the pay$$$. I have set up a back up plan. If I am not employed by the time I graduate I will get certified in using microsoft office, Leanr how to program computers and then after join the academy. I belive I am a great candidate to becoming a detective or a police officer. I oneday hope to save enough money and have my own car body shop, since I am obsessed with cars and the various looks. Why rewrite this blog? Well I didnt just rewrite it for no reason. I remixed it, we learned in class that “Everything get remixed”. True…just like life it should be spiced up, so dont be afraid to come out of your shell, but follow your heart accomplish your dreams dont let a derailing economy and opportunity put you down. Keep your head up, this is the land of opportunity for a reason…

Artifact: My home

My home

Today the weather seems to be getting warmer. It doesn’t seem as windy or hardly any wind at all compared to yesterday.  The ice is melting and because of it I see lot water now.  As I look around, I start to notice that the rest of the group seems to be sad. I couldn’t explain why they were said, but maybe my mom can.

“Mom? Why does everyone seem sad?” I said.

“My little peg, it’s because some people are having a hard time survive with the weather.” She said.

“But mom I am not understanding?” I replied.

“My dear you are too young to fully understand, but since you’re curious just try and listen. Okay?” she said.

“Yes mom.” I said

“Okay, well my dear we are emperor penguins, which means we live in an area or environment that must have sea ice and be cold.  This is how our kinds survive, but since there has been climate change. It is harder for our kind to live, along with providing food for their families. You see my peg, if our climate changes then the fish we feed on, well it affects their lives too.” She said.

‘But mom how?” I said.

“Well because just like us, they need stuff to survive on. Like food to eat and their environment.” She said.

“Mom?” I asked.

“Yes?” she replied.

“Well since this effects our lives and others… why aren’t those things helping us?” I asked.

“Things? My dear what things?” she asked.

“You know those things that have weird eyes, hair, and mouth and nose…Ummm…Like HIM! Like that big fat thing right there!” I said

“Humans?” she asked.

“Yes mom.” I replied.

“Well because some humans do and don’t care about our kind. For example, that fat human is observing our kind. So that he can see our lifestyle, so that he and other humans can help save our kind, along with other species. You see those things that keep moving back and forth. Well those are video recorders to record our lifestyle. And that big thing that the fat human keeps going into is where they sleep. ” She said.

“But mom, why can’t all humans be like that?” I asked

“My dear it’s because it hasn’t affected their lives. Once it starts to affect humans, they will then try help. You see those people we are watching us, know that we need help now not later. They see our struggles and care so much about our kind and other species, that they are will to take the time and help. The other humans, well they aren’t as passionate as these humans helping.” She said.

“Well how can other humans realize now rather than later?” I asked.

“My dear they will realize when their foods supply starts to go down. You see just like us, they need things to survive. But their food supply is us.” She said.

“ MOM!! I’M GOING EITHER WAY!” I explained.

“No my dear… The fish are going to. I’m saying their food supply is animals such as; fish and other sea animals.” She said.

“But mom… one of my friends are a fish.” I told.

“….My dear..I’m sorry but he’s going die. You do not understand humans will realize when their food supply goes down, because then they can’t survive.” She explained.

“ Mom what do we do then?” I asked.

“My peg, we just have to wait and see what the humans that care do. Don’t worry there are organization of humans helping with this issue. We can just that more humans help this issue. Hopefully the people, who refuse to help, will listen to arguments being said of what will happen if they don’t help.

As my mom continued to tell me more of what’s going on, I started to think if they can’t convince the people who don’t want to help, to help. Then am I allowed to eat my fish friend,  because he is food soo…

Artifact:She and I


The concept of self shows that every person is an individual and has unique traits, that make them who they are. I do agree that “self” defines our (people) personality, but self does not fully describe who we are. What makes a person whole is how their body, mind, and souls are combined. Part of me is made up of; I am loveable, out-going, smart, love chocolate, love to eat when bored, and so many more things. However, what makes me unique is the way these characteristic are combined with other aspects of me, such as my values and beliefs. Thus, as portrayed in performer Eve Ensler’s speech, “My Body” a person is define by the way their mind, body, and soul work together.

In the speech, “My Body” by Eve Ensler’s, Ensler’s shows how the mind, body, and soul determine the way we think about things. In an excerpt Ensler’s said;

“For a long time, there was me and my body. Me was composed of stories, of cravings, of strivings, of desires of the future. Me was trying not to be an outcome of my violent past, but the separation that had already occurred between me and my body was a pretty significant outcome. Me was always trying to become something, somebody. Me only existed in trying. My body was often in the way.”

Key word: ME. She used the word me about six times in her speech. To describe the things that made parts of herself. She talks about how she had told past events by the marks on her body. I agree with Eve Ensler’s paragraph on parts of herself because, as her speech continues on, she tells what makes the rest of her as a whole. But in this excerpt she explains that self is what prolongs our lives even after we die. It speaks for us by forensics. She stated that the marks on her body will tell the stories that she has been through.

“Thing that I love about Ensler’s speech, “My body,” is how she used the language to express herself, meaning her mind, body, and soul combined. I use language by writing poetry to express my emotions. My poem “Hoping its Dream,” by me expresses how I felt at one point in my life.”

                                                  “Hoping its Dream”

                                                 I wish I could wake-up

I wish I could know

I wish this was made-up

I wish this will not be shown

As though I hoped it was dream

It became my biggest fear

My family nightmare

Almost near

Not knowing how they will act

Knowing this is a fact

Not fiction

But a serious condition

That will change everything

Scared to death scared of what I might lose

Hopefully they can accept what they see.

Hopefully they can accept me…

This is my self and this is how I expressed my feelings, along with my mind. My mind meaning if my parents did not accept what was to come of me than my mind would be lost and confused.  I am not an expert in poetry but it is one of my characteristic of myself. Eve Ensler’s uses her own way to express herself in her speech, “My body” She does not use poetry like I do, but she uses a different way. She does not come straight out and say “I am sad,” she expresses it through objects and many other things.

“I heard stories that got inside my body. I heard about a little girl who couldn’t stop peeing on herself because so many grown soldiers had shoved themselves inside her. I heard an 80 year-old woman whose legs were broken and pulled out of her sockets and twisted up on her head as the soldiers raped her like that. There are thousands of these stories. And many of the women had holes in their bodies—holes, fistula—that were the violation of war—holes in the fabric of their souls. These stories saturated my cells and nerves. And to be honest, I stopped sleeping for three years.”

Eve Ensler’s first sentence stated,

“I heard stories that got inside my body.”

She means she felt the people’s pain who were hurt, or had a tragic thing happen to them.  She expresses her feelings through the stories that she heard.  Using her own characteristics made her audience feel other people’s pain and open people’s eyes on reality. The thing that Eve Enslers and I share is we both use writing to express our self. I have discussed what self as a whole is, shared what makes me a whole, and compared myself to Eve Enslers.

As the performer Eve Enslers speech, “My Body” continues she finally concludes what makes her a whole. In an excerpt she quotes;

“What I learned is it has to do with attention and resources that everybody deserves. It was advocating friends and a doting sister. It was wise doctors and advanced medicine and surgeons who knew what to do with their hands. It was underpaid and really loving nurses. It was magic healers and aromatic oils. It was people who came with spells and rituals. It was having a vision of the future and something to fight for, because I know this struggle isn’t my own. It was million prayers. It was a thousand hallelujahs and million oms. It was a lot of anger, insane humor, a lot attention, outrage. It was energy, love and joy. It was all these things. It was all these things. It was all these things in the water, in the world, in my body.”

What made Ensler a whole is the rest of her body; her mind, body, and soul combined.  She went from having her body being separated from her and only see part of her characteristics, to how her body, mind, and soul made her complete. The concept of self shows that every person is an individual and has unique traits, that make them who they are. And whole is what completes self by having it connect to mind, body, and soul. I showed a part of myself and provided examples to give a better understanding. I also showed how performer Eve Ensler is with herself and also provide examples to get a better understanding as well.

Portal: The Rebirth; The First Artifact

As she completed her final test, she wondered what her next life was going to be like.  She was scared, not knowing if her new family was going to treat her properly, or whether she would find love as easily as she did previously.  But none of it mattered now, as the testing chamber drew to a close.  Her memories were wiped as she took the plunge through the Portal to her new Rebirth…

The alarm buzzed like a giant bee inside of one’s ear.  It was yet another day for her as she began her morning routine before heading off to school.  She hated school; She loved to learn, just hated the ideology of sitting behind a desk and listening to an underpaid teacher yap for nearly 60 minutes of what seemed like a wasted life.  But she went anyways, like she always did, never with a smile.  Ever.

She thought about her past as she left the cubicle and walked deeper into the testing chamber.  It was unfamiliar territory, yet it felt like home.  It was purposeful.  She found herself in orange clothes with a strange white gun.  She didn’t dare shoot the gun just yet, but continued through the rather creepy, abandoned lab.  She enters a control room.  Nobody there.  Yet, strangely enough, something was controlling the lights, the automatic doors…somebody was still here, watching. Continue reading

Reflection: Final Paper

Reflection Paper/Strengths and Weakness
When it came to analyzing other authors or writers, it seemed that it opened my eyes in some ways, that I needed to look at others ways in how would be approach my audiences or others that would be reading my articles, journals, or encounters. The best way that I learned was by going by sections and seeing each one and looking at each sentence and seeing what the author is trying to say and that seemed to help me out with how I would go about with writing my papers or articles.
When it comes to the genre, I understand that things are different and times become different in general because things change, or advancements grows into reality from paper or ideas. I know that when LeGuin made her speak in the 80s, things were different now compared to then. But I know that what she said can still be put in effect today as it was back then to the students that she was talking to. It helped me out because it showed me that no matter what time they are in, it came still come into times nowadays and we can surely use it here somehow.
When it comes to the tools that I used, I really didn’t use a lot of tools because the main point or idea that I wanted to get away towards my audience was the main point and showing my point of view in general so that people could look at it a different way and see if I could swing my vote towards them in a way. I just wanted to expand the view of others in a way and show that there is not just one point of view of something, that we can look at things from a distance and not judge something in some way.
When it comes to a blog, it felt weird doing it at first since I usually don’t post things on a blog in general outside of facebook and the amount of times that I do post things so at such random times and not very often either. But other than that, it was my time a professor had ever done that in class for her students and I felt that it was very cool and interesting at the same time. I write in a way differently because I want to make others think in ways so that they can look at it and take that step back and realize what I am trying to say or getting at.
I never broke any rules when it came to a genre because if that genre was before my times, it would be really hard because I would not want to step on anyone’s toes in anyway possible or get yelled at because I was not in that particular time period.
I would have to that the different genres that we discussed and wrote about in class was very interesting and opened my eyes in a way which was a good thing but I would have to say that they really did have a profound effect on myself, my work and how I perceive things as well when it comes to looking at other authors and writers.

Strengthens and Weaknesses
As my strengths, I would have to say that my ideas are pretty good and I can write pretty good writer, everything comes to me in general like everyone else but I feel that I cram too many things into it and over shoot it sometimes
I think that I need to improve more when it comes to making my papers to become stronger and have more depth in them in ways that we can clarify it for the readers.
I feel that if I were to put more time into my writings and proofread them so that they are not so confusing for the reader. I think that I just start typing and the words are there in my brain but perhaps that are coming out too fast and I cannot keep up with in some ways. My brain works faster than my mouth can speak.
I struggle with writing because sometimes things just don’t come to me in general. I think that I need to take more writing classes to improve myself in writing papers. I have dealt with it in a where I rewrite my papers over and over to somehow make them stronger and more understandable. The improvements that I have noticed is that I can really need to start my papers early so that I can truly put forth the effort more and be able to show more information about what my topic is all about.
What I learned from this class is to be more aware of what a reader would ask when it comes to questions and you want to be able to show the readers that a way somehow and not make it so confusing for them at the same time. I will use them skills to make my papers in the future stronger, better, and not so confusing for the readers who will be reading my articles or papers in general.


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