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Artifact 1 (Better Writing)

To start off, my research topic was rap music and music making. Nowadays, the rap game is absolutely amazing and I love it. I feel as if rap is evolving constantly and the new school is sort of intertwining with the old fashioned sense of style. It’s so interesting because no music is ever the same and new trends just keep on being created with all different sounds, paces, rhythms, etc. My major argument for my final project will basically be how rap music is seen in many different lights. Nowadays, society is always looking for the negative attributes first before looking for any sign of good whatsoever and that is a big problem. Music plays a very important in my life and I take it very seriously. When I hear about all of the negative things that are said about rapping and how it is “killing” our youth, I get so mad because these opinions are mainly coming from the individuals who have minimal knowledge of rap music. Although I disagree with this outlook, these are the views that people are going to listen to because this is what is fed to them every day. One person can say that rap is all about violence and that it’s killing our world and sure enough, others will believe them and instantly begin to hate this wonderful form of art. In reality, rapping is a way of expressing what you cannot say in the average tongue and it is people like rappers who ACTUALLY change the world. No matter what people believe, music is what connects this planet. Music is everywhere and always will be, just like rap. It is nonstop evolution at its finest.

Be Like Mike

It all started in Newport News, Virginia on June 26, 1980 when Brenda Vick gave birth to Michael Dwayne Vick. Michael loved sports as a child. His father, Michael Boddie, taught him how to play football at a young age just to stay away from the gangs. Michael’s father wasn’t around much, and when he was, Boddie was often a bad influence. Vick’s father was often high and drunk while around Vick and his siblings. Because of the absense of a father in the house, Michael Vick was the man of the house. While his mom was away supporting the family, Vick would be the one taking care of his brother Marcus and his sisters. They would often play football in the back ally. That is where Vick refined his skills and became the talk of the town.

            When Vick went to highschool, he started quarterback as a freshman. He was electrifying on the field. He put up videogame type stats. His extraordinary play got him scouted by Syracuse and Virginia Tech. Due to the location and the fact that his mother still had to support Vick’s siblings, Michael choose to accept a full ride scholarship to Virginia Tech. At Tech, Vick started quarterback as a freshman. That same year he led his team to the national championship where they unfortunately lost. His play on the field was noticed, earning him a spot as one of the Heisman Trophy finalists. After Vick’s sophomore year at Tech he entered in the 2001 NFL draft. He was selected first overall by the Atlanta Falcons.

            While Vick was playing at Tech, he was the considered the hometown hero in Newport News. Everyone now knew who he was, and everyone wanted to be in his crew of friends. Vick never really cut ties with his childhood friends who weren’t necessarily good influences. Because he never cut ties with these friends, he never abandoned his ghetto roots. Vick lived a double life. He was a football star and a dog fighter. He was even in charge of the dog-fighting ring called Bad Newz Kennels.

            Vick was thought to be the savior of the Falcons’ franchise when he was drafted first overall. Everyone who was a Falcons fan dawned the famous No. 7 Vick jersey. He was like a God in Atlanta. Every Sunday he would keep fans at the edge of their seats because of his football ability. Nike signed Vick to a contract and made him the face of their label. Atlanta later signed Vick to a 130 million dollar contract extension making him the highest paid player in the NFL. Vick had everything he could possibly ask for; however, his life would quickly go down hill and everything he had would vanish.

            In summer of 2007 Vick was under FBI investigation for his alleged involvement in a dog fighting operation. After FBI authorities raided his one of Vick’s houses in Virginia, they found evidence of dog fighting rings, kennels, and even burial sites. Vick has no chance of getting out of this. He decided to plea guilty and serve up to twenty three months in prison.

            During his prison stint, Vick found God and that is what helped him turn his life around. He realized that he had lost everything he had. All he had now was his girlfriend and family. All of his so-called friends were gone, he was out of a job, he was bankrupt, and he was hated by most of the American population. He was now seen as an evil individual. Vick realized all of this. He finally figured out that he needed to change his life around. During his time in prision he met with mentor and former NFL coach Tony Dungy. They would meet for a few hours at a time talking about how Vick could make his life better. Dungy sensed that Vick had finally grown up and felt remorse.

            Luckily, Vick only served eighteen months in prison. Following his release, he teamed up with PETA to speak out against dog fighting. His first goal was to rehabilitate his image. He also wanted to prevent dogs from being hurt and put a stop to dog fighting. While volunteering his time, he also kept in shape to hopefully get another chance at the NFL. After being reinstated by NFL commissioner, he got his chance.

            Surprisingly, the Philadelphia Eagles signed Vick to a two-year deal. He was slotted in as the third string quarterback. After being used sparingly in his first year back, Vicks future looked bleak until in the offseason the Eagles traded away starting quarterback Donovan McNabb. Vick was now the back up behind Kevin Kolb; however, he wouldn’t be backing up long.

            After Kolb suffered a concussion in week one verse the Green Bay Packers, Vick’s opportunity came. Needless to say, he took on the opportunity. He dominated the game, despite a losing effort. The next week he once again started and again was a force in a decisive win over the Detroit Lions. Vick went on a tear in that 2010-2011 season earning him career best stats. He was in the running for MVP and was also selected to the pro bowl. In the summer of 2011 he resigned with Nike and later signed another 100 million dollar contract to stay with the Eagles for six more years. Vick still now considered one of the most electrifying players in the NFL. He also continues to volunteer him time speaking out against dog fighting and being a positive role model for children to idolize him. His life is back on track, and he is once again at the top of the world.

Michael Vick: An Idol

On the surface, one may see Mike Vick as a cruel, sick criminal who should rot in prison; however, he is exactly the same as all of us and he represents what America is all about. My research topic is Michael Vick America. My reaearch paper answers the question, “what Michael Vick says about America and American culture.” Throughout the paper I talk about how Vick relates to specific American trends. One of the main trends on my research paper is that fact that some superstar athletes, including Vick, have overcame so much to get to where they are now and how they never gave up. These athletes had huge successes and failures, but they never stopped fighting, just like the typical American way. Also I talk about how athletics is a way out for many inner city children living around gangs, like Michael Vick was. Michael Vick will be the main athlete I talk about throughout my paper due to his unique journey though life.

Vick grew up in Newport News, Virginia. This community was and still is one with high gang population. In the show The Michael Vick Project Vick said how he would always hear gunfire, and the only way to stay out of the gangs and danger was playing football and keeping occupied. Because of the odds against him, spots fan marveled Vick’s journey to the NFL.

He was a Heisman trophy finalist when he was a sophomore at Virginia Tech, then he went to the NFL draft and was drafted in the first round by the Atlanta Falcons. When Vick went to Atlanta he was seen as a “God.” Everyone praised him for his football abilities. Here was a kid who just overcame a poor childhood who now is at the top of the world. However, he never really cut ties with childhood group who kept and that’s when he starting getting into trouble. His attitude went tanked along with his NFL success and his freedom. He served eighteen months in jail for running a dog-fighting ring. He then went bankrupt and lost one of the biggest contracts in NFL history.  Now Vick was a convict, broke, and out of a job. Also the world hated him. When he left jail he was a changed man; he now had a positive out look on life and took advantage of his opportunity when the Eagles signed him after extensive meeting with NFL commishioner and Eagles owner. In an interview Vick said prison is what made him change. He wanted to be there for his children and he wanted to be the positive icon that so many people looked up to. He is now one of the best players in the NFL. 

Reflection: Final Paper

Reflection Paper/Strengths and Weakness
When it came to analyzing other authors or writers, it seemed that it opened my eyes in some ways, that I needed to look at others ways in how would be approach my audiences or others that would be reading my articles, journals, or encounters. The best way that I learned was by going by sections and seeing each one and looking at each sentence and seeing what the author is trying to say and that seemed to help me out with how I would go about with writing my papers or articles.
When it comes to the genre, I understand that things are different and times become different in general because things change, or advancements grows into reality from paper or ideas. I know that when LeGuin made her speak in the 80s, things were different now compared to then. But I know that what she said can still be put in effect today as it was back then to the students that she was talking to. It helped me out because it showed me that no matter what time they are in, it came still come into times nowadays and we can surely use it here somehow.
When it comes to the tools that I used, I really didn’t use a lot of tools because the main point or idea that I wanted to get away towards my audience was the main point and showing my point of view in general so that people could look at it a different way and see if I could swing my vote towards them in a way. I just wanted to expand the view of others in a way and show that there is not just one point of view of something, that we can look at things from a distance and not judge something in some way.
When it comes to a blog, it felt weird doing it at first since I usually don’t post things on a blog in general outside of facebook and the amount of times that I do post things so at such random times and not very often either. But other than that, it was my time a professor had ever done that in class for her students and I felt that it was very cool and interesting at the same time. I write in a way differently because I want to make others think in ways so that they can look at it and take that step back and realize what I am trying to say or getting at.
I never broke any rules when it came to a genre because if that genre was before my times, it would be really hard because I would not want to step on anyone’s toes in anyway possible or get yelled at because I was not in that particular time period.
I would have to that the different genres that we discussed and wrote about in class was very interesting and opened my eyes in a way which was a good thing but I would have to say that they really did have a profound effect on myself, my work and how I perceive things as well when it comes to looking at other authors and writers.

Strengthens and Weaknesses
As my strengths, I would have to say that my ideas are pretty good and I can write pretty good writer, everything comes to me in general like everyone else but I feel that I cram too many things into it and over shoot it sometimes
I think that I need to improve more when it comes to making my papers to become stronger and have more depth in them in ways that we can clarify it for the readers.
I feel that if I were to put more time into my writings and proofread them so that they are not so confusing for the reader. I think that I just start typing and the words are there in my brain but perhaps that are coming out too fast and I cannot keep up with in some ways. My brain works faster than my mouth can speak.
I struggle with writing because sometimes things just don’t come to me in general. I think that I need to take more writing classes to improve myself in writing papers. I have dealt with it in a where I rewrite my papers over and over to somehow make them stronger and more understandable. The improvements that I have noticed is that I can really need to start my papers early so that I can truly put forth the effort more and be able to show more information about what my topic is all about.
What I learned from this class is to be more aware of what a reader would ask when it comes to questions and you want to be able to show the readers that a way somehow and not make it so confusing for them at the same time. I will use them skills to make my papers in the future stronger, better, and not so confusing for the readers who will be reading my articles or papers in general.


What is the definition of a good parent? Is it someone who is strict on their children? They want them to be successful in life, so they are tough on them. Maybe a good parent is someone who is lenient with their children? They will let them stay up to watch a movie but only if they have done their homework and finished their chores. What about this one, Is a good a single parent or a married couple? I think a good parent is anyone who puts their child/children first. They love their children unconditionally and cherish every second of their lives.

Many people disagree with the whole notion of single parenthood. They believe that single mothers are home wreckers, mistresses, miss fit mothers and so many other things. According to “Housing for Single Parents: Four Walls and a Roof for You”, majority of households are led by single mothers. Not once did it define “single mother”. It didn’t give them the stereotypical names we hear everyday. I don’t believe that the best way to raise a child is in a two parent household. A parent can raise their children  just as good  as a two parent household. There is no law that says the proper way to care for a child is for both parents to be involved in the child’s life. That would be great for the child to have a mother and a father but it’s not a crime  if they don’t.

My mother is a single parent and she’s done a great job with my younger siblings and I. People are so negative and so quick to judge when they don’t even have all their facts straight. I don’t think having two parents or one parent has as much effect on children as many people say. Who says a man can raise a boy better than a woman? Who says a woman can raise a girl better than a man?

“A Look Into Blog Sites”

When I think about blog sites, I imagine a website full of stories. Stories that I may find interesting or maybe even disturbing. A place where a variety of different minds come together and create a world you can become lost in. Stories from bloggers that vary in different ages, backgrounds, ethnicity or culture. While exploring the internet for my research topic, I came across a blog site called Single Parent. This site was very helpful and had the hands on feel. I knew exactly how to use the site, how to make comments and interact with other bloggers on the blog site. This particular blog site got straight to the point. There weren’t any bright colors or pretty pictures to reel you in. It was almost classy in a way.

The style of the font, in my opinion, suggests that someone more reserved created this site. Twitter, although a social network, can be a blog site if the “following” and “twit pics” weren’t a part of the social network. Minus those two things, twitter would be a haven for bloggers. The site is very appealing. The little blue bird is appealing to the eyes as well as the soft blue color. The formatting of these sites play a huge role in their appeal as well. I believe, if any reader is faced with a huge block sized blog over a small sized slimmed format, they would pick the slim one. Although it contain the same amount of words, the trick is to make the appearance of the blog seem short and interesting. The slimmer one gives off the illusion of being shorter but in actuality, it’s not.

As far as audio is concerned, I haven’t come across any blogs or blog sites that included it. Audio would probably  shine more light on the blog. The more elements that are added to the blog and/or sites the more people would want to read or explore them.

I’m my own worst enemy

I’m supposed to pick a fight with myself in regards to my writing on a particular topic; which will not be hard to do because I’ve doubted my ability as a writer sense the beginning of time. I feel like I have interesting things to say but I can get caught up with all the fluff, making it sound interesting that I miss the frickin point of it all. Continue reading

The Golden age….

My topic is the effects of the great depression on Hollywood.  Some of the major points of interest that I have seen in my topic was the naming of stars.  I would have thought that stars would have been unknown during that time but I was wrong.  Many stars were able to come up in Hollywood and star in many roles involving some of Hollywood biggest stars. Another big topic of interest that keep reoccupying is the production of movie genres.  Many directors changed the mold and began creating many different movie genres.  Science fiction was created after the release of the epic film King Kong. This film appeared with special effects that views had never seen before.  We watch the original now and we realize how corny it is but that’s just how much film have progressed.  People seem to be interested in talking about the advancements that were made in the film industry during this time also.  Color and the invention of talkies films were created during this time.  The first color film was produced in 1915 when had many views at a standstill.  Movies before were always hand-tinted and never had a realistic look to them.  The first talkie film was the Jazz Singer and it forever changed the movie industry.  Many debate that the change in the film was beneficial to some and harmful to others.  Those who didn’t change with the times were left behind and forgotten.  Many new actors came on the scene with the invention of talkie films.  My take on the whole idea is that times change so people should also.  When doing my research and learning what many debated over I came to a conclusion.  Hollywood in the early 1920s and 1930s were setting its self-up for Hollywood now.  Many of the stars of Holly wood had people controlling their contracts and would never be allowed to do what stars do now but that doesn’t change much.  I believe the stars of before has set the stage for the stars of today.  Directors also, the steps they took to make advancements have benefited the directors of today.

Spoof of a Fan

Everyone is going crazy over the new twilight movie but surprisingly I’m not. It’s not that I don’t like the series I am the biggest twilight fan I know. I once bought a cup just because it had the cast from the second film on it. I have read all of the novels and patiently await the release of the newest book that got leaked. Surprising I have yet jumped in the car and made my way to spend money on my favorite series. Due to the fact of the over publishing magazines, the crazy stories that they come out with, and the way the fans are made to look in the recent spoofs of the film. I’m starting to think the entire series have become annoying. Don’t get me wrong I love the books but the movies have reached a point of ridiculousness. I am not bashing twilight in no such way gently expressing my dislike for the new approach the flim have taken. I believed that due to the competition with the Harry Potter series maybe these were attempts to keep up. Now that the last Harry Potter film have been released I starting to disagree with myself. The stars of the film each have their own fan base. The wolf pack is adored by teenage girls and myself. The vampire clan is the other side of the train adored by the other set of teenage girls who cannot make up their mind. Each fan base has their own “team” who they support. In the twilight world you’re either team Jacob or team Edward. Annoying as they are many spoofs have taken these so called “teams” and made them into over-craze teenage girls driven by hormones and rage. Maybe the marketing teams selected for the film have a master plan underway and want to keep the public in the dark. Maybe they decided on using the many spoofs that have been created about the film as advertisement. Whatever the case may be I dislike this new breed of twilight fan and refuse to be made to look like a crazy person.

Social Advancements REINVENTED

I totally disagree with myself about the argument that I proposed about Gladwell.  I wrote a journal supporting his idea that social media networks has no place in civil activism.  I strongly disagree with this idea and will explain how they are actual beneficial.  Social media networks are used to spread information across the globe.  Gladwell gives examples of the sit it’s that took place during the civil right movement.  Those would be inconstant with the times now but I’m pretty sure social media networks would have worked in that supporting the cause also.  I admit that social media networks can’t do everything.  There is need for people to become involved with their message. Gladwell argues that reducing the risk of harm reduce the attachment to the cause.  I disagree with this idea totally; social media networks reduce the risk of surfing but can have beneficial results.  Similar to the sit ins civil activism that take place over social media networks take crap also.  Millions of people are threating the same as the protesters in the civil rights movement.  With the internet being seen by million the likely hood to run into someone with opposing views is even greater.  Even though the risk is greater many still address problem and express their idea via the internet and by using social media networks.  The idea that social media networks disconnect people from the message is crazy. I disagree with the description of activism provided by myself and Gladwell. Social media provides as a message board for those who cannot stand and fight.  That who can’t fight doesn’t deserve not to have a voice.  I augured that activism isn’t describe about how many counterparts you can gain to like your idea.  Social media networks provides information to other who may not have an idea what’s going own.  Even though social media networks help provide organizations with large numbers of protests that doesn’t mean they have any emotional or social connection with the mission.  Social media networks can afford to be very beneficial to civil activism by providing a voice to those who cannot speak.


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