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Skin Clearing Proactive

The nature of the conversation is about Proactive acne treatment. It is said to help clear skin from acne and keep your skin clear. There were twenty-four comments and the author of the blog posted two comments of some questions people had asked on the blog. Most of the comments are statements from people who have used proactive and how it has helped them and how it has made their skin feel dry and how it smells like a swimming pool. The author did say if a person skips days from using proactive then their acne would come back because they are not keeping it continuous. Using proactive or any other acne medication has to be used continuously like working out, when people work out they have to do it continuously and if a person stops working out they gain their pounds that they have been trying to loose.

To comment of the bloggers site, a person doesn’t have to register before posting. All a person has to do is enter their name, e-mail, and comment.

In this particular blog, the blogger, Dr. Benabio states the pros and the cons of proactive. The pros is that it attacks two main causes of ance, the one that blocks pores and the build up of bacteria. Also he states that it is effective when a person uses it continuously and doesn’t stop. He also mentioned some cons such as, it can cause redness, peeling and stinging. It takes about eight weeks to see results of proactive. Also, there is a chemical in proactive that bleaches clothes, pillows, and hair. He states that proactive doesn’t cure acne but it helps control it. Many people don’t understand that nothing cures acne things just help control acne.

The blog is very open and some people left comments saying that it did dry their skin out. Everyone has different skin types, so some people may feel like it is burning their skin and others may feel like it is helping their skin and not burning them. It depends on the person.

I think the ultimate guideline for effective web commenting is that people should be nice, but honest and state what had happened to them and how it didn’t work for them. They should also state what they think is better for their skin type but mainly be honest and polite when commenting.


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