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Definition Impossible

Words are a result of language. So no matter what I could come up with, a definition for language would always be a circular definition. If I were to say “language is [words]” it would ultimately boil down to “language is a result of language.”  So I can only attempt to describe language as the programming of our brains that allows us to define the world around us and connect with others.  Our entire world is based upon the way we define it.  Anything that is undefined is quickly filled in by our language.  “What’s that red, round thing with a stem?  It is now an apple.”  Whenever we make a discovery, language quickly steps in and makes up our world.   In “Politics and the English Language”, George Orwell voices his frustration about how we are eroding language.  Words once with meaning are being misused and leaving us with words we only think we understand.  Attempting to alter language can have disastrous results.  But before I get into the break-down of language, I’ll discuss the build-up. Continue reading


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