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Numb to the world

“What are you wearing to the concert, Tia?” I asked with enthusiasm radiating from my smile. My best friend and I got tickets to see our favorite band, like, six months ago. We stood outside all night to be one of the first in line. That night, just as many
others, was an amazing time simply because we were together. Everything seemed like such great fun when it was just her and I. Those memories seemed so far away now as I looked over at my friend.

“I don’t know, jeans, or something?” She answered in monotone as she stared out my car window. I shot her a concerned glance, remembering my once bubbly friend. I’d always admired her passion and drive and most of all, her amusement with the
littlest things. These days she seems less of a cheerleader and more of a zombie, except I doubt she would even perk up for a platter of brains.

We pulled into her long snaking driveway. As I slowly guided my car up near the house I tried to stay positive. “Ok, well maybe we will go shopping tomorrow and get something cute! Does that sound good?”

“Mmm… sure, Nat. I’ll see you then,” She mumbled as she gently shut the door and shuffled to her garage.

As I pulled out onto the street I wondered if our days of excitement ended when she was prescribed her antidepressants. Even going through rough times, at least she was responsive.  Now it seems like she’s numb to the world, the good and the bad. I cherished the days we would have heart-to-heart talks but lately her familiar knowing glances have transformed into blank stares. Tia acts like she is detached from herself and the rest of the world. Where did her emotions go?

The drugs her doctor prescribed her are completely legal and accepted. There are commercials advertising how great life gets after “treating” depression but in our case things have become worse. I do not see my best friend smiling or laughing like the actors in the commercial.


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